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Where do you buy baby shoes? We've only looked at Wal-Mart so far. In the shoe section it had size 2+ which size 2 was a bit too big. In the baby section the biggest size I could find was 6-9. I don't want to buy online because I hate returning items. 

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    The only shoes that stay on for us were Pediped. We were given them as hand me downs. And I'm glad because on Amazon they are crazy expensive. Maybe try consignment stores or goodwill? They wear them for short amount of time. 
  • I got some cute crib shoes from Old Navy, they were size 6-12 months for $10. Got a pair of knock-off Adidas with Velcro and soft bottoms ($10) from Amazon and just bought LO his first pair of real shoes, Nikes, bought them in size 5c from Kids Foot Locker. The 4's fit much closer to what he needs but (1) he's not walking yet and they're just for show really and (2) I want them to fit for more than a month or two.
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  • Old Navy has good baby shoes! I always go there or I order online - Etsy has the cutest girl shoes! If you measure your babies foot and look at the Etsy store measurements you shouldn't have to return. 
  • Omg my baby girl can not fit into any shoes yet! We went around to different stores and even the ones sized "0-3 months" don't fit her! Tiny feet hehehhe
  • Carters has cute shoes, and sometimes Burlington. I was going to say Amazon too, sometimes if you have to return or exchange it, they give you the option for the mail man to come pick it up at your home. 
  • Lil man has some big feet, is is currently in a size 2 wide. We got some cute little tennis shoes from payless but before that we has some little vans classics that I loved until his feet got too plump for them.
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    @ABubba I hear you on the tiny feet. My DD can still fit into size 3-6 months shoes. I bought her a pair of size 2 black canvas shoes thinking she would fit them soon. Well that was three months ago and they're still too big. As for OP, I would give Payless a try. They may have a size 1. If she's not walking yet and you're putting shoes on her just for show, a size 2 might be ok depending on how big they were. I just wouldn't spend too much on them because they grow so quick.
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    Thank you mama's. We were looking for shoes so she could "walk" outside. We will probably try Payless or Shoe Carnival. She has my wide feet so I think she'll have to try as we buy like I do. She has only had one pair of shoes which were an unnecessary gift. 
  • LO has size 4. There a tiny bit big but not too bad. I tried putting them on him but he refuses to even stand up with them on. So I'm going to have to figure something else out cause I'm not letting him walk around barefoot this summer. Maybe I'll try those robeez shoes. There kind of like moccasins but they have some cute designs. 
  • The best for baby is to go barefoot as long as possible and where possible including outdoors. Sand and grass is perfect. First shoes should be a bit high around ankles. As long as baby doesn't walk cute little shoes doesn't hurt but as soon as baby starts walking, especially first few months, flat and low shoes should be avoided. Vans, Converse, Toms and God forbid baby flip flops.. Sock like shoes with suede underneath is good because it's almost like barefoot but little feet is still protected.  I'm not writing this to annoy somebody or teach them how to dress their kids.  It's purely for information. Have a great day girls! 
  • I bought some Robeez used and I think they are the best!  Super comfy and flexible -- they are like going barefoot. They also stay on really well!

    I researched shoes for a long time and I found that Minnetonka moccasins are the cheapest way to get high-quality, soft-soled shoes.  

    Robeez, PediPed, StrideRite, etc. are all excellent choices as well, but tend to be super expensive.  I think our next pair we will buy via Ebay or Minnetonka. 
  • I agree with the others :) baby stores such as carters, even Oshkosh and gap baby have great deals and finds. Old navy is a good one also. You can even try target out. 
  • I ordered these robeez shoes for LO. He's walking already and needs something on this feet outside. I thought the dinosaurs were kinda cute. 
  • I ordered these robeez shoes for LO. He's walking already and needs something on this feet outside. I thought the dinosaurs were kinda cute. 
    I love these!!!!!! (:
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