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Anyone take zofran?

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i am 12 weeks. Have horrible nausea and vomiting. I've tried Diclegis and phergan suppositories. Not much luck with either. My Dr gave me Zofran as a last resort. I'm an OB and work 12 hour night shifts. Some nights are horrible. I'm just leery of the Zofran. Not to mention it gives me an awful headache and constipation. Wondering what your experiences with zofran have been. Did your dr recommend it?

Re: Anyone take zofran?

  • yeah I'm not quite sure what asking Internet people over your medical training is going to help...

    also the search feature is your friend :) 
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  • I agree that if you are an OB you should have better knowledge than a site of random people?? That's weird.

    That said I used it basically my whole pregnancy with #2 an briefly with #3 and it was literally a life saver and the benefits outweighed the risks considering I couldn't even keep water down

  • **Lurking from 3rd tri**
    I had to take it  just to sleep during 1st tri bc I was so sick. I took Miralax as well bc it would constipate me. Once I was out of 1st tri the nausea became manageable and then non-existent. I haven't taken it since I think 13 weeks? I used the Seabond pressure point bracelets as well as sucked on Preggy Pops like no ones business. The Preggy Pops helped sooo much at work (Zofran makes me sleepy). GL and hang in there.
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  • I took it with my daughter starting at 12ish weeks and she has a cleft lip. Obviously I don't know for certain it was the cause but we certainly have concerns it did since we had no family history of it, and our son doesn't have it.
    I know for many it's a real help but between the constipation (which was terrible for me) and the worry of other issues I understand your reservations. 

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  • ****OB Nurse. Lol! I do know about it but would like to hear others experiences. 
  • OB nurse 
  • I do know about it. I simply wanted to hear from others that are taking it. Just because I'm an OB does not mean I know all other's experiences and concerns with it. Sorry I asked. 
  • While I am confused by your wording and seemingly limited knowledge on Zofran, I did take it with my pregnancy.  It worked wonders and I had a perfectly healthy baby. 
    I would trust your OB and make the personal choice as to whether the benefits out weigh the headaches and constipation. 
    ETA your lack of knowledge of the drug makes me question if you are even a RN and think you are more likely a medical assistant. 
    The MA at the OBGYN office I work in even talks to the patients about their experiences with new prescriptions when they come in (I would imagine a nurse would do the same) but she obviously doesn't have the knowledge of a RN. 
    Edit #2 You're an OB nurse but can't spell Phenergan?
    All of this^^^^

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  • woooooooowwwwwwwwww wow. no words. 

  • Oh so sorry board monitor. Good kick me off. Please do. I don't have the need or want to deal with you self righteous snots anyway.
    I had a whole nice thing typed out about how to make the most out of this site and then I remembered that you called us self righteous snots.  Why waste my time with someone who seems to have an attitude problem?  One bit of advice, if you're trying to join a community, calling them names when they call you out on something isn't the way to go about it.  A simple "okay, I'll talk to a medical professional about my concerns" is all you needed to say, no need to blow up and call us all sorts of names and tell us we're what is wrong with the world. 

  • Bloody hell. I missed the party. :cry: 
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  • I missed the party but get the gist...

    Yeahhhh I'm only a nursing student and have already given zofran left and right, not so much OB but post-op but I would sure think you've had lots of experience with seeing the side effects and such in OB. Your lack of objectivity and critical thinking here really makes me a) question the legitimacy of your claims and b) feel really embarrassed for the nursing profession if you actually are a nurse. I hope you don't act this way when patients get testy with you. Even if you're actually a MA or PCA.. yikes. 
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