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Cervical check and bleeding?

Is this normal? I just got my first check for dilation and didn't bleed at first. 

2 hours later I go to the bathroom and there's bright red blood in my underwear. Not just a little spotting, more like a light period. Normal or should I be concerned? I haven't bled or had any spotting at all this pregnancy. 

Re: Cervical check and bleeding?

  • STM here. I had my first cervical check of the pregnancy about 2 weeks ago and my Dr said not to be surprised if there is some bleeding after. A cervical check is not a very gentle procedure, so I don't think that bleeding is unusual. However, if it seems abnormal to you I would definitely give your OB a call. 
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  • Third time mom here, I would spot after a check but I would always clear up after a few hours. Remember that there is a lot more blood flow in those areas now so spotting could be heavier 
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  • Lurking from April16

    I have been getting cervical checks since 32 wks due to PTL. Each one produced a different amounts of spotting that would last about 3 days (decreasing each time). It would be red at first and then become brown. Discharge would be colorful and sometimes blood clot looking (just part of my plug). Majority of my plug came out shortly after a recent one. It's normal and you may experience some cramping or contractions the same day. 

    If it doesn't start to decrease or show any signs of getting better definitely call your doc. Mine always warned me of possible bleeding.
  • I agree with what has been said. Second time mom here, I would have bleeding after sometimes and doc told me it was a possibility.
  • Thanks for the input! All of the spotting is gone today. I'll mention it to my doc next time, but it seems like it was just one of normal things.. You all made me feel a lot better about it!
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