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Norwalk Hospital Midwife?

Does anyone know if there are midwives who deliver out of Norwalk Hospital who are outside of the Norwalk Midwifery Services group? I'm 20 weeks pregnant and really want to stay within the midwifery model of care but just not happy with the way the group seems to be managed. I could change hospitals, although I'm reluctant to, but first I want to see if there are other options out there.

Re: Norwalk Hospital Midwife?

  • I'm using Joni and Gengi out of New Haven but they're homebirth midwives and not associated with any hospital. I actually travel an hour to get to them because there's so little up here in the tolland area.

    Manchester hospital has a labor and delivery unit with midwives that they call a birthing center but it's really just your normal LDR with added jacuzzi tubs. Not all OBs who work there allow them to be used, which is annoying. 

    I would so travel to the birth center across from Danbury hospital if it were closer; I think that's our best bet for the non homebirth midwife model in our state. FX for a healthy pregnancy!
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