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Rsv warning

My 11 week old just spent days in CCMC for rsv pneumonia. It presents like a cold with a cough and low grade fever. Watch for fever spiking and decreased appetite. They have a rapid test just a nasal swab, but I will warn you the rapid swab test was negative and the blood work confirmed elevated wbc counts and rsv, which prompted the chest xray to find the pneumonia. While @ ccmc the nurses said they've seen a lot of it recently. 

Re: Rsv warning

  • Hey Amy! I just saw this now- I hope your LO is feeling better! RSV is no joke - especially for infants. It usually does the rounds during flu season (i.e. Around now!) but tapers off in the warmer months. The rapid tests are like pregnancy tests and can be falsely negative if the numbers are too low for that pink line to appear. A second confirmatory test is normally done on these negatives during flu season to rule out RSV, flu, para influenza and adenovirus. I always ask for the reflex test, flu season or not!

    What a scary experience! Glad you're out of CCMC. Stay warm in the snow tomorrow! ❤️
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