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Craniosacral therapy

Our LC is recommending craniosacral therapy after discovering LO has a mild tongue tie. He can get his tongue past his gumline, but it takes a lot of work for him so he tires quickly and starts gumming me instead of sucking. Does anyone have experience with this therapy? How often did you have to go? How long did it take to see results? Was it successful in the end? I'm so sick of being hooked to the pump, trying to heal the damage he did before we discovered this and prevent him from doing more!


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  • Not personally, but many of my friends locally have taken their newborns to cat for nursing issues. It's gentle. It certainly can't hurt in trying to help the issue. 

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  • My 17 week old has been doing cranio once a week since 10 weeks old. He did have his tongue tie lasered though. The CST helped him with tension resulting from the effort it takes him to eat. Results will really depend on the baby... BFing is still painful for me at times and sometimes my son prefers the bottle because it's less effort. I love cranio, but if it's tongue training you're lookinng for, then maybe choose an Occupational Therapist that has experience in feeding issues or tongue tie. Also my CST and pediatric dentist recommend the Nuk pacifiers to help their tongue push upwards as a sort of physical therapy 
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