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And so it begins...

I've been feeling baby move for a few weeks now but nothing major (I'm 19 weeks). However, I've noticed that when I'm carrying our toddler, the baby kicks constantly. Last night, my toddler was curled up on my lap with his head nesting on my belly and the baby kicked really hard. He instantly sat up and shoved my belly...guess they're going to fight! I can't wait to see how he responds to those kicks later in the pregnancy!
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Re: And so it begins...

  • Mine are the same way too! 
  • Ha! I have a feeling mine will do this too. I already have to watch out that he doesn't shove/ punch my belly just because it's pertruding and he thinks it's weird. I, too, can't wait to see how he'll react to the strong kicks.
  • My daughter is not happy about this baby. She was sitting in my
    lap resting against my tummy last night. Can't feel baby from the outside yet, but I got to thinking that one of these nights she's gonna be sitting with me and get kicked in the back. Hehehe.

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