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3 week growth spurt!

Anybody else feeling the pain of the three week growth spurt? My DD will be 3 weeks on Wednesday and the last day or two have been rough!! She has been sleeping in 3 1/2 hour stretches and eating 3- 3 1/2 oz like clockwork since we brought her home. However yesterday and today, I've been lucky to get her down for an hour and then only if I'm holding her. She is also SO hungry! She is eating a lot and not spitting it up. I'm a FTM but from my reading it sounds like she hit her first growth spurt. Here's hoping it only lets another day or so! 


Re: 3 week growth spurt!

  • Omg. YES. I feel ya! My little nugget wasn't gain like she should have. 1oz in a week. (although I nursed her and then pediatrician reweighed her and she had gained 2oz so we knew she was eating well!) I said to my DH, LO must be going through a growth spurt because she is eating ALL the time! I was lucky if I could ever put her down. We are nursing every 45min-1hr! At her two week check up she had gained an entire pound in 6 days! Which is great! But all this cluster feeding and no sleep is going to be the death of me! Good luck to you! 
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    Yes!  This started at 3 weeks for us and is still going into week 4!!!  Sorry.  I hope your LO doesn't take this long. Additionally, DH is on me to pump so he can feed and I can take a rest/break.  WHEN??  haha.  Good luck everyone.  
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  • My DS is 3 weeks today and has literally been sleeping almost all day. He went down for a 45 minute nap, woke up, fed (barely) and was back asleep and has been asleep since. He is never this sleepy without being awake for 30-45 minutes and without feeding. I haven't noticed a big increase in wanting to nurse though. 
  • DS is 2 weeks old and we are going through this. I'm so tired! 
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  • Oh my gosh the hunger is killing me. I am alternating between bottle and breast so I don't get frustrated and quot nursing. I am sleeeeeppppyyyyy. 

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