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Car seat Toys

We switched over to the big ca rseat this weekend. We need some suggestions for toys to entertain LO.  We had the musical toy bar for the carrying car seat, and he loved it.  I am sure items are out there to entertain our babies in the big seat. We are looking for something that makes music and has sound. 

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  • We switched also and we're wondering the same thing.
  • Us too! The issue I'm having with ours as well is how far his head hangs forward when he falls asleep. It's rear facing and tilted back as far as it goes but I feel like he leans to far forward. Anyone else have this issue as well?
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  • @ksimon23 L hangs his head when he sleeps. It worried me until I realized that he could still breath fine. For toys I found some soft blocks that I can tie a string to, and I use 'anchor not in use' clips to tie them to the seat. That way he can't really lose them.

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  • Oh geez it didn't even occur to me that the big seats don't have the handle! DD loves her little rattle toy we currently have hanging on her infant carseat. Sorry, no suggestions but definitely will be following for ideas!
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