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Rug burn

Is anyone else's baby getting rug burn? Even wearing a shirt, she'll get it on her stomach. Her crawling is getting on her hands and knees and lunging herself forward. She is starting to use her hands more, but it'll be a while more until she is crawling normal. Any suggestions? 

Re: Rug burn

  • We have the same problem! Hazel can crawl with her hands and knees very well, but she will get rug burn is she wears shorts or dresses. All her summer clothes :(. We put plush blankets down and make sure she wears thick pants. The good news is that I think it's providing incentive for her to walk!
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    She never gets rug burn on her knees, only her stomach. It's kind of weird. When are about to remodel our house and put vinyl floors so I hope it helps. However I'm hoping she is walking by then. She already is wanting to walk all over. Go go go.  
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  • Emory gets rug burn on the top of her feet because she drags them as she crawls. Poor babies! 
  • Have you tried buying a play mat, I know at this stage they want to crawl everywhere lol but I have a big size play mat and I just put toys there and my son loves playing on it and it's soft if he falls, or crawls. Maybe it could help. Keep us updated mama! 
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    Her playmate doesn't help. She never stays on it, and would rather destroy it. I usually have to fix it 1000000 times a day. Lol. 
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