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CIO before or after travel?

Sorry this is a long one.... Bit of a loaded question. Tried to be quick and to the point.

Quick background - baby is 10 months and has been a great sleeper up until this point. Overall I think she's at some sort of developmental leap and/or over tired. 

The issue - The last week she has consistantly gone to bed at 8:00 pm which is part of her routine and normal, but wakes up at 10:00 pm crying. We did have a bad diaper rash the last week as well so I would take the opportunity to get a dry diaper on her. Diaper rash is healed, and other than waking up, she's fine and should have no issue sleeping at this point. We dabbled with CIO but my husband and I didn't go into it with a solid plan. However, what we saw was she would become more and more hysterical each time we would go in (3, 5 and 10 minute intervals) that she was shaking and couldn't settle. 

The question - Once she has reached that point of hysterical crying, do we continue to go in and leave her crying as she was? Do we stay until she's settled down? If not - that would mean we are in there for atleast 30 minutes - easy. 

Finally - we have a trip with a three hour flight next week. Should attempt CIO this week, only to have her schedule/environment disrupted next week or hold off?

Re: CIO before or after travel?

  • If you're doing true modified CIO according to Ferber's plan (it sounds like it with the increased interval checks), after the first 3 or so checks, you're supposed to keep checking in the largest interval. So if 3, 5, and 10 min intervals, keep going in every 10 min. However, I think he recommends increasing the intervals everyday and not exceed 15 or 30 minutes (my memory is foggy). You shouldn't stay until she settles down, because often they don't. How long do you usually stay in and check on her? We did 2 min at the most. It is common for babies to become more upset during the checks because they want you to pick them up. Sometimes it's recommended to not do them at all but I just couldn't do that.

    I would hold off until after the trip, especially if you can't be consistent with the routine during that time. It'll just confuse her.
  • I agree on waiting after the trip, the more I thought about it, it doesn't make sense.

    Her sleep did improve over the weekend. This may not be the ideal situation but if and when she fully wakes in the middle of the mighty - she seems to settle much quicker if we stay in the room. We are not pulling her out of the crib but hanging out in the glider till she's calm and laid down to go to sleep. It's working for now. 

    I found symptoms for a developmental leap that happens about week 44 (The Wonder Weeks) and she is the poster child for leap 7. 

    Also found that when she does "wake", even if she is crying (she's not initially hysterical, unless we go in there), we don't go in her room. Most nights she did this - she went back to sleep.

    Ive also found that she is sleeping in a bit longer. Over the weekend she was making it to 8:00 am, which is when we do her morning bottle. Monday and Tuesday, we've had to wake her to get her to grandma's at 6:30.

    Hopefully the resolve is us just waiting out that initial cry/"wake up".
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