Falling asleep peacefully

So my 18 minth old goes to bed everynight around 8 and almost everynight he fights it and whine/ crys for ten minutes before falling asleep I do still nurse him and rarely does he fall asleep during which I'm ok with I want him to go on his own but its a mild fight I'm honestly more just feeling guilty and like a bad mom I never could do cry it out when we sleep trained through night. And we have a steady routine we have snack play a little read books nurse and say our goodnight prayer i set him in crib and give him a hug and kiss and run his back for a minute.I know they self sooth is this just his way I don't want the last thing he feels before sleep is upset. Could it be a phase? I understand he might just not be tired yet but we have even tried a little later bed time like 8:30 and he does the same thing. Any experiences or advice?Or is this just normal? I just found out I'm expecting #2 so I'm sure I'm a little more sensitive and emotional to this and would really like to get him in a better place before baby comes.

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    Thanks for your response its good to hear it can be normal. He is a great sleeper once asleep and wakes up happy so that's reasurring just hate to hear him so sad before bed ready for this to pass lol!
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