Petty Problem Saturday! 3/26/16 — The Bump
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Petty Problem Saturday! 3/26/16

Let's see those silly problems of yours! 
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Re: Petty Problem Saturday! 3/26/16

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  • I have 2 today. Apparently  I'm  feeling a little bit whiney and I need to vent.

    I'm supposed  to  be  cooking easter dinner  tomorrow night and  going to my grandma's  birthday tonight but I've got the worst head cold with earache and swollen lymphnodes so I'm just laying on the couch  instead of  tidings the house like I should be.

    Also my other petty problem is my MIL  alwayes asks what I'm doing for my kids for holidays and then  does that from her. I said I was going to do toys for their sandbox from the Easter  Bunny and guess what..... now I've had to scramble around and pick something else for them. Ugh! The worst part is I would have kept with my original  plan  except she bought the exact same  items as me.
  • @UponAStar16  I am with you on the head cold...I've been congested for weeks! My ears are pretty bad today, too. 
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  • alysie89alysie89 member
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    @MRSCORKER  I just unfollow those types  on Facebook. You can change your settings so that no one else can tag you without you approving it.  I use those tricks a lot  of  people I can't unfriend but need to not see or deal with on  a daily basis.
    Although  I dread to think what she'd be like once you have had your baby.

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  • @alysie89 Oh, my husband told her I'm KU, I was livid! She has already offered to "train me" after the baby comes. *eye roll*

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  • I volunteered to make deviled eggs for Easter for my family get together. What's Easter without deviled eggs? Now I regret it because this is a lot of eggs to peel and I'm tired. 
  • We went to Olive Garden for dinner and by the time I got my entree I was full with just the salad, so now I have the whole meal in my fridge. 
  • We did our egg hunt this evening because it's supposed to rain tomorrow, and we can't find the last egg ;(
  • MRSCORKER said:
    I have a neighbor in my building and she's super into working out, lifting weights, and clean eating. It's her whole life. The only thing she can tak about, post about, etc. It's gotten to the point where I will purposely drive by the driveway if I see her outside of the building because I cannot stand to talk about her protein intake for 40 mins. So we're Facebook friends and she recently became a beach body coach. Now she's constantly tagging me in everything and trying to get me to buy her bullshit constantly. Not to mention she posts a selfie in her booty shorts and sports bra showing off her perfect midsection and will say "Gotta up my cardio and get rid of this fluff!" I want to un-friend her so bad but I know she'll notice and I can't avoid her forever in the building. I did hide her so I don't have to see her posts but she can still send me 1 million messages about drinking shakeology. Maybe I'm overly sensitive because I already feel like a blimp at 10 weeks but still. I can't stand AW FB posts. Like, you obviously have perfect abs and you're obviously just fishing for compliments. <end rant>
    Preach, girl! 
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  • Slowest concession line ever at the movie theater.  I had to switch to the later showing of batman v superman

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  • I splurged on a four pack of Sprecher's Orange Dream soda. I haven't had it in forever and was so. excited. to drink one tonight. It tastes not at all like I remember, kind of flat and almost medicinal. I'm majorly bummed, plus I have three more overly expensive, gross sodas taunting me whenever I open the fridge. 
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  • I'm almost 14 weeks with twins, and I'm already huge! I look like I'm 4-5 months pregnant! And I still am relying daily on my Diclegis for me god awful morning sickness. I already have backaches, and bad heartburn! Thought this shit wasn't supposed to start for another few months! Looked like I skipped the honeymoon faze!  :'(
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  • F47F47 member
    My petty Saturday problem came on Monday morning. The thought of coffee has made my stomach churn since I got my BFP. Which is shocking because I used to lay in bed at night looking forward to my morning cup of coffee. (I'm not kidding).

    Anyway, this morning a soy latte from Starbuck's sounded great. I wanted it. I NEEDED it. I walked down to the corner Starbuck's and suddenly could feel it. I was about to puke. Into the bathroom I went and threw up.

    I still ordered my drink, but forgot to request decaf. Now, I feel bad drinking this even though I checked and it's 150-ish mg of caffeine and doc says I can have 200/day. And, I can't just waste a $5 cup of coffee.

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