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Worst Dad outfit!

i came home from a test yesterday and found LO dressed like a pink jailbird 

Show me some pics of bad Daddy style!

Re: Worst Dad outfit!

  • We have those pants from Carter's!!!
  • This was her first weeks but I was laughing. She looks like a boy!! I changed her right away  
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  • DH doesn't get her dressed usually. It's either me or my mom. I should have taken a pic of the outfit my mom put her in this past week. The top was way too big and the pants were too small. 
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    DH brought DS to work for me to nursewhen I worked a Saturday a few weeks ago in nothing but a short sleeve white onsie in February.  At least he had a blanket in the car seat. 
  • Wish I could have taken photos of when DH dresses LO... he draws the pants up so high it's almost like 'why bother with a shirt' and oh gods... the pattern combos. This is exactly why I buy all the styles in this house.

  • Just....why?
    Haha omg this one just might take the cake ...WOW! 
  • Myelhsa said:
    This is the picture I received while I was at work last night. Apparently daddy wanted to share his love for the Green Bay Packers. And that bow...I can't...
    I think I know where he was going with this.... The packers clothes may have made her look to boyish so he added the bow just incase . U should order a packers bow to match lol 
  • @mhuber223 lol that's great !
  • That's when you say... SHES A GIRL!!
  • JackJacktheCat your SO is the clear winner! It's so hideous and cute at the same time. Could happen here, too!!
  • I don't have a picture unfortunately but I'll give you something to visualize..... She had a white short sleeved onesie on with light pink tony polka dots, the pants were hot pink w white polka dots. HA HA HA I about died....
  • sayreja said:
    Enough said.  No words 
    The onsie on top and pants tucked into socks is great lol! Very fashion forward haha. 
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