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Any thoughts on Mercy or Howard County Hospital?

Hi all, I'm due in May and currently with Signature Ob-Gyn, they deliver at Howard County Hospital. I was considering switching groups to Mercy Hospital in Baltimore because I heard they have nicer facilities, but I've read very mixed reviews on the practice there. Any thoughts about recent experiences at either place would be so appreciated!! thanks! 

Re: Any thoughts on Mercy or Howard County Hospital?

  • I'm due in July and I plan to give birth at Mercy. My OB practice is Hoffman & Associates and I love them. They get busy,  but I never feel rushed and I love the doctors. 

    My best friend gave birth to both of her girls at Mercy. The youngest in June 2014, and it was great. They aren't pushy about meds or monitoring (they do monitor) and the baby and mom are well taken care of. The facilities are nice.  Private rooms, very clean,  feels secure. 
  • No experience at Mercy, but I had my DD 6 years ago at Howard County (with the midwives at Signature Ob-gyn). I am seeing the group of midwives again and will deliver again at Howard County due to my experience the first time around. The nurses in labor and delivery were super supportive (I didn't want pain meds) and it was overall a great experience.
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  • I just delivered at Mercy and we had a really good experience. I was with Hoffman as well. Hoffman has one of their doctors on-call 24/7 and you meet everyone during your pregnancy so you will almost certainly have a doctor you know deliver. We had a very scary emergency c-section and the L&D nurse was amazing. She was so calm and stayed with me and kept me calm through the recovery room until I was transferred to the Mother & Baby floor. My husband went to the NICU with our son and I would have been do lonely without her. The NICU team was also amazing, although I of course hope you wouldn't have to meet them, but knowing they are there is good. We also spent a few days on the pediatric floor and they were great as well. The lactation consultants are really experienced and helpful and they run a support group that you can come to after birth for free to get advice and meet other moms. They are supportive and not judgemental, as I ended up going to formula after weeks of struggling to breastfeed effectively and they were supportive of that decision. All of this, and the facilities are great. Huge rooms with lots of light and private bathrooms. Way better than a lot of hospitals that I have been to when visiting friends. All in all, I know nothing about HoCo Hospital but Mercy was great and I would go there again. 
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