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Wonder weeks!

I'm not sure if its just me, but I had never heard of these before! My 8 week old has gone from a happy baby to grumpy and clingy starting at exactly 8 weeks. While I thought it was from her shots, I googled it and apparently its a wonder week! Symtoms include clininess, crying and fussiness. Its a developmental stage. Haooens at 5 week, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 19 weeks and so on. Has anyone noticed a change in their Lo during these times? It can last a few days up to 14. 

Re: Wonder weeks!

  • Do you have the wonder weeks app?  It's great for understanding baby's development and behavior.  Also, when you experience those moments of why is my baby suddenly acting totally different, I find that opening the app usually gives me the answer.  It's neat stuff!
  • emzie54 said:
    Do you have the wonder weeks app?  It's great for understanding baby's development and behavior.  Also, when you experience those moments of why is my baby suddenly acting totally different, I find that opening the app usually gives me the answer.  It's neat stuff!
    Ya I just got it last night! It makes so much sense. I couldnt understand what was going on!
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  • kaym6kaym6 member
    Everyone told me to get this app and not gonna lie I thought the whole thing was a bunch of bs and then I had my baby and boy was I wrong haha currently in the middle of leap 3 and with all 3 I have found it to be very accurate! 
  • cali1710cali1710 member
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    @kaym6 its it accurate about how long each lasts or does it vary? The third one says it lasts like a month! It says 2 weeks for the second leap but when I googled it it says 3-14 days. So I'm not sure if it just says 2 weeks because ots the max or if thats how long it really lasts. And are they fussy through all of them? Or does that vary too?
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    For me it has varried! I also will notice him showing signs of the leap off and on during that time period. It isn't a constantly state of fussiness for that time period but I do notice an increase in the overall frequency of him being fussy during the time the leap outlines. On the app you can look ahead and see what the signs are for the different leaps. I'm not sure if fussiness is supposed to be a sign of all leaps but at least for my little guy that's been consistent and usually what leads me to look at the app and see if he's having a leap or not! 

    Personally I don't find the app to be all that essential but it is kind of cool that I will notice his behavior change and more often than not it correlates with the info on the app! Helps to remind me it's not forever lol 
  • My son has been inconsolable the last three days. I just googled the wonder weeks. It looks like they are based on EDD not birth date. That would make him 8 weeks the day it started (10 postpartum). 

    Could someone one explain the "leap"?  Is that just the time between the wonder weeks?  I'm hopeful this won't last all 14 days. I go back to work then and would hate the rest of our time to be consumed in this struggle. 
  • I'm not sure about the leap. I'm hoping mine doesn't last 14 days either! I'm on day 6 so far
  • My son is in his second leap right now and it totally makes sense with the behaviors that he's been displaying. He's actually been so good during the day, it's been the nighttime where he wants to be really clingy. 

    The book is very informative. I really enjoy reading up on it a little bit here and there thorough out each leap. I got it off of Amazon for under $15 I think. Maybe a little more. The 4th leap that lasts for about a month is a big one. I think that might be a time where teething comes into play too for many babies.

  • Yes!!! We're on her 12th week right now! We went from being awesome and happy with regular naps and sleeping hours and only needing to feed 5 mins a side... to a cranky, screaming (both of us ;) ) pile of mess. All she has wanted to do is eat and eat and cry and be rocked this past week. Today I finally felt like it was getting better. I did some research and was reassured that it was just a common time for a growth spurt. It's nice to know it's called a wonder week! She had one at exactly 8 weeks too!!
  • Interesting. I need this book. 
    N (2004)A (2007), N (2010), and L (due 1/2016)
  • I downloaded the app and according to her due date my.daughter should just be st as starting the 3rd leap. When I look at the new skills she should have at then end she has already mastered  all but 2 of them. Anybody else ha e LO that are ahead of the game 
  • I'm working on adjusted age with my LO.  There are several things that he was doing before this second leap came about.  I try and look ahead to the next leap, a week or two before they occur, just to see what kinds of things they may start doing more of.  So far, like I said, there have been a few things he's done before the leap actually occurred.  One big thing was swatting at toys.  He was fixating on objects a little bit before the leap occurred and was having more purposeful movements too.

  • @babym418  I have the book and every leap's chapter has a disclaimer that babies reach different skills at different times. Yes. My baby does things from future leaps. But the book also cautions one minute your baby can have total independence in something and the next seem like she's completely lost it. If you feel she is that advanced, maybe start some pre-calc with her? My DH and I are doing French language immersion to keep DD challenged. (Now notice the winky face the precalc thing was all in good fun.) 
  • @jrouge12 lol I think my DH wants to get her started early in politics. I don't have the book so thanks for the disclaimer that her skills may adjust and she may be less independent with things. I'd be the one to freak out if suddenly she wasn't do things that she was before. I really wasnt trying to  brag I'm just having so much fun watching her grow and curious about others. This is my first so I don't know what to expect from her development. I've always been intrigued by nature verses nurture and child development (I work as a behavior specialist) and started getting into early childhood development before my LO watching her grow makes me want to further my research. I guess I was curious if other babies hitting milestones early was there a common thread in them. I appreciate the humor and fun! 
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