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Throwing Up

My daughter is constantly throwing up seems like she loses everything she has drank. She is two and a half months and every time I bring it up to the pediatrician she says it's normal babies spit up. Whenever I lay her on her back to play down on her blankie she's constantly throwing up piles of milk. I'm starting to get really frustrated it makes for a long day constantly getting a new burp cloths because she soaks one in secs and having to change outfits constantly so she's not sitting in a wet one. Any other Mommies dealing with this. Some days she can be just fine and others not so much.

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  • I would probably get a little sarcastic with my pedi, then insist that she listen. Babies do spit up, but spitting massive amounts isn't good. Is your daughter gaining weight? Number of wet and dirty diapers? These things are more important than how many burp clothes she's soaked. As long as she is thriving, there isn't anything to really worry about.
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    Agree with the weight gain.  My LO spits up a ton some days and other days I wait for it and wait for it haha. I use receiving blankets and probably use three a day. 
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  • I have the same issue but you can also hear it come partially up and he chokes on it and gets really upset. His pediatrician diagnosed him with GERD aka reflux. He prescribed Nexium but I'm still fighting with my insurance company to approve paying for it. As its $300 without...whole other issue. He also suggests putting rice cereal in his formula to help thicken it but I'm holding off as i really don't want to introduce any solids yet. But it's so frustrating having to change him and me a million times a day and see him go from having a happy tummy time session to upset and drenched. 
  • Try burping more frequently or giving gas drops- big spit ups like that are usually due to an air bubble pushing everything up that or overfeeding, which is my problem cause I have an over supply, also take comfort in knowing that it's probably less than you think it is, but I know exactly what you are talking about, like a hose coming out if their little mouths. Poor babies! If she's gaining well and not in pain though it truly is just a "laundry problem" and will pass.
  • I had the same problem with my 10 week old. What kind of bottles are you using? I switched from Avent to Dr. Brown which seemed to help. I felt she was taking in too much air with the Avent. Is she maybe eating too often? My pediatrician had said to feed my daughter 4-5 oz every 4-6 hours. I was offering her a bottle practically every time she woke which could be as often as every 2 hours during the day. She threw up after almost every feeding. Now that I hold off to the 4 hour mark she hasn't thrown up once. 
  • My son spit up a TON all day and night but never complained about it and as always gaining weight. He finally grew out of it at 18 months. He would spit up in his car seat and it would drip through into the cart and onto the floor. Just saying, it was a lot!
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  • I'm EBF and my LO went through the same thing about a month ago. She's 9.5 weeks now, I talked to my pediatrician multiple times about it and got some other mom suggestions which have all helped bc it was the same for us. She was almost violently spitting up, we're talking projectile spit up sessions, she even got the wall once from her changing table....what we've been doing is gas drops (you can hear her farts and see how uncomfortable and rough they are for her), shorter more frequent feedings, we do have a crib wedge in for bed time to help so she isn't flat on her back, after feeding and burping keep her upright for at least 20 mins, and where I noticed the biggest change for us.....I cut dairy out of my diet to see if it was affecting her.....and that's made the biggest change for us (oh I miss ice cream and all things cheese! But it's worth it to have a happy dry baby!) 
  • I use Dr. Brown bottles. We do our best to keep her upright after feedings. I could be feeding her a little too often but I do try to go 4-5 hrs between feedings. Especially at night she does just  fine sleeping for 4-5 + hours before waking for one mid morning feed. She does burp up spit up and swollows it you can hear it's a wet burp I do believe she has reflux have for sometime. Thanks ladies just needed to vent today has been a little rough for b this momma especially tonight i just got my baby to sleep she's been fussy today not normal for her I never have this much trouble getting her down for the night but it's 2 am and  she just went down after hours of trying everything.
  • @shortstuff15 stay strong! It gets better, keep at it with your pediatrician, sometimes they just like to really wait stuff out instead of making a quick diagnose and giving babies medication when their systems can work it out. You're doing all you can! 
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