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Exclusively pumping at 8.5 months

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DD started biting me not long after she got her two bottom teeth (around 7 months). I've tried to get through it and continue BFing, but I don't think I can do it anymore. She seems to bite me when she's done. Sometimes I can tell she's about to do it and I'm able to stop before she bites too hard, but tonight she got me good. I really want to continue with her getting breast milk though, so I'm thinking about pumping until 1 year. I have a large freezer stash (probably between 1 and 2 months worth) so I guess I would really only have to pump for another 2 months.

I'm looking for advise. Has anyone started exclusively pumping around this age?  Would I still have to pump as many times as she eats (4 times a day) or could I cut back to 3 at this stage?  Or maybe she doesn't need 4 feedings a day since she's eating a decent amount of solids and she's tiny (almost 16lbs). 

Or does anyone have advise on how to get her to stop biting?  I've done everything from telling her no, to screaming, to taking her off completely. She really just seems to do it to tell me she's done, and I don't know how I can stop that. 
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Re: Exclusively pumping at 8.5 months

  • I started exclusively pumping at 3.5 months and now LO is almost 10 months. I manage to pump 4x/day (when I wake up, before I go to bed and twice in the middle of the day at work.) Sometimes, I only pump 3x/day, depending on what's going on. My LO drinks 25 oz/day (5 bottles of 5 oz. each) and I've been able to keep up. I saw my supply decrease over time a bit, but when I feel like I'm not getting enough milk, I add one more pump session in and that usually helps keep it up.
  • Thanks for the info!  I've been going back and forth. I pumped exclusively for a few days again, then went back to BFing. I don't mind pumping the days that I work, but when I'm home all day with both DDs, it's so hard to have the time to pump and then bottle feed. DD hasn't started with sippy cups yet so I have to feed her too. 
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