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Baby's age. Do you go by weeks or months?

and secondary curiosity question: do you consider 1 month at 4 weeks / 2 months at 8 weeks or the month on actual birthday date? 

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Re: Baby's age. Do you go by weeks or months?

  • I've been going by the birthday date. 
  • Birthday date. A month is not usually actually 4 weeks, so it's less confusing to just go by his birthday date. 
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  • I've been going by both. I'll say weeks unless it's close to his actual month-day then I'll say his age in months. I'll probably stop counting weeks when's he's 4 months old just because. 
  • I concider it by date but I usually say weeks unless ots close to her date 
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    Months and I go by actual birthdate. 
  • DH thought we missed his 1 month pictures when he was 4 weeks. I reminded him it's on his birth date otherwise he'd be 12 months before his actual first birthday.  I plan on using both months and weeks until 6 months. 
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  • I've noticed with my son and now the baby that I use weeks up to about 3 months of age, and months up to about 18 months of age.. after that, it's too much math for most people
  • I was just thinking about this! LO will be 10 weeks tomorrow and that's when I will start saying his age in months. I guess I have something against the double digits! For monthly photos, I go by date so that he 1 year will actually be his 1 year.
  • I go by her birth date 
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  • I plan to switch to months at 2 months - no idea why, that just makes sense to me for some reason.  And I go by birthdate.
  • For me, it just depends on who I'm talking to. I use weeks with other moms of little ones and months with anyone else. Months are easier for most people. 
  • My SO was just telling me about how a woman he works with told him that she has a 38 month old... he said, "so she's 3?"

    He had to walk away (to laugh) because the woman looked so perplexed as to why someone would just say the year at that point. 
    Someone said the same to me the other day. "Shes 23 months ". So shes two next month. You can just say that. 
  • I use weeks until it's close to the month birthday then I'll say "he'll be 2 months on Thursday" etc. I go by his actual birth date not by weeks. I'm not sure when I'll stop using weeks but maybe after 3 months? 
  • This thread made me think of this clip...
    It's a scene from Grown Ups :smile: 
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  • I did weeks up until one month. Then it was a month old, a month and a half, almost two months, and so on. 

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