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Biting OUCH!!!

My 9 month old has begun biting my breast when I feed him again. When he first got his bottom teeth he bit me twice and I detached him and told him no in a stern voice and it worked until recently. He has bitten me several times now and I do what I did before but it seems to not be working. I'm gonna keep detaching and telling him no but is there anything else I should be doing? I think he is teething this top teeth now, could that have anything to do with it? Getting sore and don't wanna wean him from the breast.

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  • I think teething could definitely have something to do with it. Have you tried pushing LOs face into your breast when he bites while telling him no? It forces them to let go. My LO has stopped biting me but now she pinches & smacks me while she nurses!
  • LOL yeah my LO also tends to push his fingers into my mouth too while I feed him. And do you mean while he is biting I push him in and say no? I haven't tried that, I usually am trying to get him off me as quickly as I can.
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  • Yes. My girlfriend told me to push their face in. That's what I did & it works. It forces them to let go. Plus I don't think they like it. Once LO let go I would stop nursing for a min or two & repeat if she bit me a again. Seems counterintuitive but it worked for me & she got the hint after awhile. 
  • Check out - she recommends the same thing (push baby in)
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    I had this issue too , got better but he still has bouts of it when new teeth are hurting! I agree w everyone, though pushing him in is hard as mine wouldn't get the hint right away and would just bite harder!! One thing I did after my sis noticed was take away some of his teethers that had a nub. Why encourage biting a rubbery nipple-like teether?! Crazy! So we discourage biting/yanking anything remotely close to a nipple (watch for it on bottles and pacifiers too and reinforce the "no" if he's doing it to those too).

     I also will give him teething tabs right before nursing. And watch for signs; I realized mine was happening when he was already pretty full from solids and not actually that hungry, so I could see the patterns and be on guard. Also took him off completely and ended the session once because he just wouldn't stop, but I felt OK knowing he wasn't going to starve without it.

    I was super emotional about the biting too, not ready to wean, so painful and stressful, but it did get better for me! Almost at a year of breastfeeding and the biting was at its worst around 9/10 months. Good luck!
  • I agree with pp. my son is now 12.5 months and has 8 teeth. He is currently teething and cutting 2 more on the bottom, but he doesn't bite anymore. He bit the most around 9-10 months. I tried to tell him no, but he would laugh and thought it was a game! He started biting more just so I'd say no! I then started ending nursing sessions when he'd bite. I would also put him down on the floor. He was not a happy camper! I'd restart nursing him 5-10 minutes later. He quickly got the message!
  • I just got bit! Not the first time but it hurt more this time. He is 10 months and is finally getting his top 2 teeth in. I yelled out "ouch" as a reaction and he got scared and started to cry. I realized I've been giving him a water cup that has a spout where you have to almost bite down to drink out of it. So he must be confused. I'm a litt nervous to continue nursing . We made it this far though. I'll have to try to push him into the breast. I'm sure glad that God didn't make babies (most babies) born with teeth!
  • I had this issue back when my LO got his first couple teeth (3-4MO), he is now 9 MO and he has only bitten me 3 times and hasn't since he was about 5mo?6?  I did the push in move and would take him off and tap his lips and say "keep your teeth to yourself please. that hurts mommy" and give him a teether and set him down. I would then wait a couple minutes and then nurse him again and that usually ended the biting for that day. I just always tried to have a teether around so he would know not to bite me but the teether was for biting/teething pains. Also, I didn't like saying "no bite" just because I once read something that stuck with me (not sure why) but they indicated that you say no bite what do you hear.. bite.. so I for no other reason than habit say "keep your teeth to yourself" haha
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