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Introducing Meats

When will you be introducing them? Im very cautious to try them with my LO 

Re: Introducing Meats

  • The first food we introduced with LO was beef at 5.5months. We chose to do meats first because he was EBF and I wanted something iron-rich. I made the beef myself and mixed with breast milk in the blender to create a purée. He's now 6.5 months and still has beef or poultry a few times a week although it's now usually mixed wit it a veggie now that he's tried more foods. 

    We haven't tried any baby led weaning so everything we've introduced has been puréed
  • What type and cut of meat do you purée? I want to introduce meat but have no idea where to start. 
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    I started both my girls with turkey at six months. I made it for DD#2, but she has texture issues, so I went with Beech Nut Stage 1. I've had a lot of luck with it. Now she does turkey, chicken, and beef.

    Edit: It would have been nice to have answered the actual question. lol
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  • I make the same thing we are eating. Sometimes steak, sometimes roast, chicken breasts, etc. @[email protected].com 
  • I tried one meat so far. A stage 2 spaghetti and meat sauce baby food. LO gagged and hated it. We haven't tried again but that was about a week ago.
  • We are doing baby led weaning and LO has had steak, ground beef, chicken, and pork. 

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  • LO's doctor said to introduce meats at 7 months, so that's what I'll be doing.
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  • Lo just turned 7 months so we started chicken purée. I always buy a few cans of babyfood to try on her before I make a big batch, but when I do I will use chicken breasts. We eat mostly chicken so I'm not in a huge hurry to introduce the other meats. I'm trying to do the foods we eat on a regular basis so eventually I can just mash up what we are having. But my lo is very gaggy so we are taking it slow.
  • We do BLW and he's had chicken and pork. Just handle sized pieces of whatever we're eating. A few days ago it was chili verde, today chicken tacos. He just sucks the juices off and spits it out at this point lol. 

  • With DD1 we had a lot of success with pureed chicken soup, introduced sometime between 8 and 9 months? DD2 is almost 7 months, and last week I tried beech nut chicken in a jar, but it was too chunky. I tried chicken and sweet potato in a jar and she loved it, but was fussy the two days after, so I took a break. I'm going for the chicken soup approach next. 

  • @meggipi5 I really like the idea of puréeing chicken soup, I think I'll start with that when I feel he's ready
  • I gave my DD gently blended homemade chicken Stroganoff (pastas and sauce included) and the following night I made spaghetti bolognais and also lightly blended that. She LOVED it! 
  • I tried beechnut turkey in turkey broth and she literally gagged and I thought she was going to puke. Tried it the next day and she did the same thing so forget that. 
  • I plan on giving him strips of steak to gnaw and suck on when he's a bit older. At 5.5 months he's not quite ready to start solids yet. And I also plan on doing home-made bone broth! 
  • I made him some puréed chicken the other day but he is sensitive to textures and when I tried to feed it to him you'd have thought someone was choking him! The pediatrician said to work up to stage 2 foods and finger foods and introduce meat "as tolerated" well he's not tolerating it!!!!
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    Yeah my lo didn't do well with her puréed chicken either. I had bought the Gerber stuff, but it has a super strong chicken smell (the kitties were circling like little sharks. One kept trying to pop up from the chair and grab her bowl).  I'm slow cooking chicken breasts and I'm going to purée them later and see if she likes that better otherwise we might be waiting until she's ready for pieces of chicken instead.

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    We EBF, so I started with meat to get her some iron. Meat juices are high in iron, so they don't have to eat it-they can gum/suck on it and still get a lot of good stuff. We started BLW at 6mo and gave done beef, chicken, pork and fish so far. Here's a pic of steak before and after-she made it look like styrofoam! It looks super red in the pic, but it's pink on the left, white/grey on the right.
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