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C-Section Recovery


I recently had an unplanned c-section and have found this experience to be rather traumatic. In order to deal with this, I have started a blog about it. Please feel free to read our birth story and other posts. Comment your stories as they help me tremendously with my healing.


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Re: C-Section Recovery

  • I'm so sorry!!! I defiantly feel where you are coming from! I too had a very traumatic very unplanned c section in December. I went into be induced a week early due to having low fluid. Everything was going great until I received my epidural. He placed it; that was good. I got the shot of  adrenaline and that went really good! My mom left the room to talk to my dad and brother all was good. All of a sudden I felt really sick and very tired. Come to find out I was flat lining ( my mom came back into the room with EVERY nurse on the maternity ward in my room). After what seemed like forever they were able to stabilize me. But they could not get my son stabilized, so my mom consented to the emergency c section. I too felt lots of pressure and pulling ( I'm pretty sure I even had to have a nurse hold my feet still cause I was trying to move them). After only a couple of minutes my son was born!! Only down fall is that they couldn't get him to breath very well. Every nurse the pedi and my mom said he was blue until they brought him around the corner and laid him by my face ( they say he instantly started to turn pink). Which was a HUGE relieve. 
    I think it just goes to show that not everything goes to plan no matter how much we try. 

    Im glad you and your son turned out to be okay too :) happy mommyhood 
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    I do understand after my unplanned c-section it was tough. Baby was in the NICU for a few days. I feel I took a hit mentally I was planning for a unmediated birth. I went for my regular OB appointment found out I had low fluid. Went into the hospital for an induction I was also given cerevidil and a balloon catheter. When baby heart rate continued to drop after every contraction they wheeled me into the operating room this was about 8 hours after everything was inserted. Baby got better after 3 1/2 days in the NICU. My recovery has hit a wall so to speak. They glued me closed as the glue is coming off its taking pieces of skin along with it. I went in for my 6 week yesterday and they cleaned it with alcohol and drained some fluid that was building up putting pressure on the incision. I had planned everything out to a t even going in for the induction I pulled out my birth plan for the nurse still trying to have a 1/2 way unmediated birth. The only thing that was possible from my birth plan was my ability to breast feed and Hubby take place in babies first bath. 

    I'm still not happy about the c-section, not happy nothing went as I planned but in the greater scheme of things. We made it! Mommy and baby and that's what matters!! 

    Glad to know everything worked out well!
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