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Light headed in first week PP?

So I delievered on Saturday and have since been experiencing a light headed/swimmy feeling randomly. It only lasts a little while, and I think it's more common after a long breastfeeding session. However, twice today I've nearly fallen over while standing still. My balence is completely off. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm calling my doctor in the morning. 

Re: Light headed in first week PP?

  • Are you really sleep deprived?  Are you eating enough and drinking plenty of water?  
    For me personally the more sleep deprived I get the more I feel that way, but I've also heard of other women having that issue while breastfeeding.  I would say it's normal but if it becomes too bothersome contact your OB.
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  • I've been having a dizzy feeling when I turn my head too quickly. It sucks but I assume it will go away. Calling the doctor seems like a good idea. 
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  • I've had blood pressure issues since giving birth yesterday afternoon.  I nearly passed out on the first trip to the restroom, felt really hot and sweaty and like I'd pass out while sitting up in bed, and had a really bad episode where I did pass out for a while after changing rooms and trying to change gowns.  Eyes rolled in the back of the head and all - BP was 71 over 30 when they got me to come to.  

    Do you have a way of checking your BP when you start feeling that way?
  • Yes! I experienced this for the first three weeks. My guess is sleep deprivation and a bit of dehydration. I'm on week four and its stopped. I think my body just finally caught up. 
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  • Also, make sure you are eating and drinking enough, especially with the breast feeding. I would get this way if I wasn't getting enough protein and my blood pressure would drop. I kept snacks and water near me while I was breastfeeding to keep my sugars level.
  • I was having those moments the first two days post partum and needed help getting to and from the bathroom and getting up out of the bed but then it stopped.

  • Vertigo is common after's due to the extra fluids running through your body.  I felt like I was on a boat as I was drifting off to sleep for the first week...not sure if that's what you have been feeling.
  • I delivered on Tuesday and went to urgent care Friday. My symptoms were extreme fatigue, tight chest, breathlessness and racing pulse (120+ if I walked around at all, 95 ish if I laid down.) They called with my blood results today and I'm dangerously low in red blood cells, extreme anemic. He said I needed more iron so I'm started on iron pills tonight. Calling my RE in the morning to let him know and ask if I can keep breastfeeding. 

    I I never go to the doctor, I don't even have one, but knew something was off! Don't be afraid to go in!!
  • It turns out I had a protein deficiency when I spoke to my doctor. Now I have to drink a protein shake once a day and I haven't had a problem since!
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