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Nursing Bra Suggestions?

My due date is tomorrow, and I just realized that I can't find any of my nursing bras. I need to scramble and buy some stat!

Anyone have brand recommendations for a good nursing bra for big boobs? Know of any that are lined/molded?

Re: Nursing Bra Suggestions?

  • I picked some up from target but haven't used them yet. The ones I got are wireless and lined, but were sized s, m, l, etc. so it was a little difficult to decide. Pre-pregnancy I was a 34b, and am probably up to 36 now, do I went with medium. It fit me band wise but was loose in the cup so I better get bigger when my milk comes in! Lol

    My point is, those ones are worth a shot :)
  • I also have giant boobs (38E now) & always have a difficult time with bras in general.  I ordered CooShco maternity nursing seamless push-up wire-less bras from Amazon & they are so great. They are also lined/molded like you wanted.  They also have free returns if you don't like them.

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