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Lack of smiles at 2 months?

My baby will be 2 months tomorrow and very rarely gives us a social smile. She will hold my eye contact and imitate sticking out tongue and make funny faces if I make silly sounds but is stone faced when it comes to smiling. I try SO hard! I am really worried. She is in general a gassy/fussy baby. We recently had her tongue and lip tie released and were hoping that would help with the fussiness but no. Anyone else's baby late on the social smile train?? 

Re: Lack of smiles at 2 months?

  • My LO didn't start smiling until 8 weeks. He is 10 weeks now and smiles a lot more, but can be pretty stone faced if he wants to. I get the most smiles first thing in the morning when he wakes up and on the changing table. Some babies take longer to start smiling and some are just more serious. I'm sure your LO will catch up soon :)
  • Our little guy hardly social smiles. Truthfully I'm not sure if we have had a real social smile yet. They always seem accompanied by gas or he looks away rather than at us directly. I'm trying not to worry too much. I've done too much reading on the autism link with delayed smiling. There are a bunch of other links that he doesn't exhibit (i.e. Not wanting to cuddle or make eye contact) so I take solace in those traits. Try not to worry too much. All our kiddos are different:)
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