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Bottle strike

I searched and there was a topic but I couldn't add to it to ask my question cause it was closed...

My 12 week old has been able to go between breast to bottle no problem since week 1. But the last two weeks she's started to occasionally go on a bottle strike and it's making me nervous to leave her. It's not always me giving it to her, I've left the room, I've given it to my husband or dad and she will still sometimes refuse it. She is hungry cause we give in and pop her on. (Bottle was being given so I could get some things done while someone watched her, I needed a break, or I recently pumped then she woke up so I give what I pumped) 

if a baby refuses what is a person to do? Just let them cry til mommy gets back? 

She already has a bottle she likes, could she suddenly not like that bottle anymore? Do I need to up the nipple flow even if she is already kinda messy with it already so I don't think a faster flow will help?

and it's not all the time either. She will still sometimes take one from all of us and other times she just refuses. She is hungry though cause she's rooting and nothing else we do will calm her.  

Im wanting to start getting work and it's making me nervous to leave her if this becomes a constant problem...

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    My LO went from breast to bottle no problem at the beginning when we had latching issues. Once that was resolved, I stopped pumping.  We tried a bottle again before I went back to work and he wouldn't take it. 

    I was nervous about it and got a few different types of bottles.  When I went back to work, he held off for most of the morning and then took it once he was really hungry.  They know how to suck and they should figure it out.  I also know some people have put breast milk in a sippy cup.


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  • I probably wouldn't increase the flow on the bottle nipples. If she is already messy on the current one, she will probably get flooded out with anything faster. Possibly other brands of nipples might work. I use the Playtex nursers and love them.

    When i pumped and worked for my daughters first year, I kept her on a slow flow. Now she's two and still uses it, even though she weaned herself 4 months ago when I was 6 months pregnant. We had a nursing strike but that didn't last long and I could never give her bottles myself (she would get confused if she sensed it was me giving her a bottle instead of nursing), but those were the biggest issues we had with the bottles.

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  • We had a bottle strike. He would eventually take it when he was really hungry and knew there was no other option. My husband was home with the baby over spring break this last week while I was at work and had to give him a bottle all during the day. Monday was rough, but each day after got a lot easier, and by Friday he would take it without any issue again. Now we are making sure he gets a bottle or two at least every other day so he doesn't lose knowledge of it again. If you are able to you could try an intense schedule like that for a few days to get back into it, but you might need someone besides yourself to give the bottle.
  • Most EBF  STMs I've seen on here saying they never switch to a bigger nipple. My DD gets bottles on most Saturdays and Sundays and my mother says that she hates the first one and by the third or fourth she takes it much easier. 
    We find that funny considering she was exclusively bottle fed for 5/6 weeks when she was born. 
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