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Sleep schedule

So I go back to work April 11. I'll need to be up by 430am at the latest in order to get both my daughter and i fed and ready. I have no idea how to get this little girl on a sleep schedule. Shes 8 weeks old so perhaps she's too young. I've tried doing a routine to indicate it's sleep and she just fights sleep until at least 10pm. She's fought the good fight until midnight sometimes! Any ideas mamas?

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  • I say just stick with trying the routine and she'll eventually get on board. Ideally you should've started the routine weeks ago, so it may just take awhile for her to get the hang of it :)
  • Oh i did. And she doesn't even fuss. She just yawns and smiles. Lol. Once i get her to sleep she sleeps 7 or 8 hours. Its just getting her there
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  • I was just going to make a similar post. I was following a schedule in a book called "Cherish" which talks about the schedule for the first 6 weeks. My LO will be 7 weeks tomorrow.

    As I try to implement naps, I find I can't get her to sleep until 2 hours after she first woke up which then means she's asleep for an hour or less until her next "scheduled" feeding.

    should I feed her as "scheduled" or should I let her sleep 1-2.5hrs and then adjust the schedule accordingly?

    I put her down for a nap at 9am and as I write this she is fussing in her crib. It takes a while to get her to actually nap..
  • Did you talk to your ped about feeding on demand/not waking baby to eat?  I think we were doing that by 7 weeks if not earlier.  I say if weight is good and gain is normal, adjust feeding according to baby.
  • I would highly recommend checking out the book baby wise. I've been following that to get my LO on a sleeping schedule and her daytime naps are sketchy, but she sleeps like a champ at night. Also, I would try starting to get her up at the time you need for your new schedule each day and that will probably help her get on schedule too. I've been doing that for a week (maybe pushing my wake time a little later though) and that's helped me :smile: 

    in in regards to waking them up, I personally play it Depending on the situation. I'll usually let her sleep a little over if she needs it, but try not to let her get too off schedule so I stick with her usual bedtime and get enough feedings in that day. 
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