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Im freaking out!

My doctor is outta state on vacations. My baby is being stubborn she don't want to come out i been 2 cm dilated  for the laat 2 weeks. I tryed everything already sex, spicy food, walking, but nothing work. Its my first baby and probably im gonna get induced .Being induced hurts more?  I don't knw wtf lol 

Re: Im freaking out!

  • I wouldn't 'freak out' there will be a dr there to deliver your baby, whenever it decides to come.  My ob/gyn practice has 6 Drs that deliver and the one who ended up delivering dd I had only seen once.  As far as being 2cm, that can change very quickly, don't let it discourage you.  Are you overdue yet?  As far as pitocin goes and being induced I've heard that it can make contractions stronger but I've also heard many, many positive induction stories. Plus if you get an epidural it won't really matter.
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  • I was induced the first time and it was painful at times but labor is painful in general .. Everyones body is different but after I got the epidural (which was honestly the most painful part that I can remember lol) I was fine no pain just felt allot of pressure when it was time to push.
    Im secretly hoping to be induced this time too since I kind of know what to expect.

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  • My OB was out of the country when I delivered DS1. I ended up liking the doctor that delivered him more haha.  And in a lot of hospitals if you deliver on the weekend the doctor on call is not your doctor.  I was delivered by a nurse because my mom's doctor couldn't get to the hospital fast enough.  So to not have your doctor is nothing uncommon! You will care less at that point anyway.

    Being induced is more intense usually, but if you get an epidural it really doesn't matter either way. It's also totally doable without an epidural.  Again, nothing uncommon.


  • When is your due date? You can be a few cm dilated for awhile. My OB probably won't be the one on duty whenever I go in (unless I schedule a c-section for his turn in the hospital), and I'm ok with that. Today he mentioned that next week we can start discussing induction but he prefers to hold off unless there is something wrong (and I won't be overdue at our next appointment). I do not want to be induced, and I 100% don't want an epidural (I metabolize medication oddly and know it would be an ordeal-I've had ER visits over it before, and had to get routine office stuff done in hospital for safety concerns), but in the end if that is what is needed to get baby here safely I will do it. Call and ask your hospital what their policies are, ask during your next appointment-write down your questions if you are worried you will forget. Write out what you wish to happen during your birth-especially if you are not assertive in tense situations. My DH is getting all sorts of questions about how he will handle everything between me and the staff and he laughs-I'm an extremely loud self advocate, they will know what I want, but some people aren't, have it written down and let your support people know. But be prepared, even the best laid plans go to ruin, and that sucks but in the end your baby will be here, and everyone has a happy, healthy, baby as the same goal in mind.
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  • My due day is march 21st but i don't think she is coming that day
  • I've always been induced. :neutral: Labor hurts period, you won't know the difference. Also, you can walk around at 2 for ages. I've been at 3cm for 2 weeks now. I'm sure I'll need to be induced again eventually. (39w today)
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  • With my first born I had to be induced. I had leaked fluid and didn't realize until they did an ultrasound at 40w4d. They couldn't break water due to their being little fluid around the baby. I started with cervidal to help ripen the cervix. I was told that would be in 12 hours and then they would start poticin. After about four hours the doctor removed the cervidal and then after another hour once I asked about the poticin which I was freaking out about because of all the stories I heard. Well the nurse told me that they couldn't get my contractions any closer together and I would not be getting poticin. Then four hours later my son was born with no epidural. So it's possible you might not need poticin. Talk with your doctor or whatever doctor you see about all possibilities there are for you. And in the end you'll end up with your baby and that's the greatest feeling 
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    I was induced Thursday and can tell you it was way easier than my first that came at his own time. I was able to have my laundry done, house cleaned, etc because I knew when it was coming. I was able to get a good meal in before. They gave me cervadil to start contractions. Once they started going they broke my water after giving me an epidural. then they gave me pitocin to speed up the contractions. I went in at 7 and had the baby by 5!


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