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advice on not gendering my kid.

I don't know what I'm having yet, but husband and I hate that everything in stores is uselessly gendered. I have been trying to decide on nursery items, and I can't even look at ideas online without gender identifying the kid. Why is everything pink or blue? Is this something you guys notice or am I overreacting?

Re: advice on not gendering my kid.

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    I think maybe you haven't looked in quite the right places. I have seen several cute neutral nursery sets from places like Target, etc. Now these were all online and a few months back but I think there is hope out there somewhere. ;)
  • If you search "gender neutral nursery" there are hundreds of options...
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  • Um there are tons of options for a gender neutral nursery. Try google.
  • Hot air balloons, circus, constellations, zoo animals, forest, sports (basketball and soccer), under water animals, geographical, etc. there are a few ideas. I never bought any "nursery specific" decorations. Just fun colors and patterns that went together.
  • Agreed that there are lots of options out there and lots of green/yellow colored things.
  • Is it just the nursery you're concerned with? For me it's more of how to continue to allow my child to ease into their own without enforcing stereotypes. I'll never forget the day I overheard a coworker at a daycare telling a nine year old he cries all the time like a little girl. Granted I had no issue calling him out on crying constantly (like dude, you're nine, learn how to button your own pants and move on) but insinuating that only girls cry, pissed me off. I flat out told her in front of him that everyone cries sometimes, and saying that doing something like a girl is an insult is teaching him horrible stereotypes to contend with later in life.
  • pinterest, all the pinterest. 
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  • You're not overreacting, and everyone who says it's really easy hasn't actually done it. Sure, some stores now let you search "neutral", but most of what you get on a Pinterest search for gender neutral is gray. For stuff like curtains, try to avoid searching for baby or nursery items. I complained to someone about having a hard time finding neutral clothes while I was pregnant. They said it was easy and gave me a blue outfit with dinosaurs. So, because I have a girl, gender neutral means wearing boy things? We have tried, but most of her clothes send a strong gendered message either way. There is way too much invested in gender roles (by companies making the clothes and people looking to read clues and gender your baby at first sight) for it to be easy. IKEA is my recommendation for furniture; we found some cute lime green. Good luck!
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