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babies sleeping

My 2 month old had been waking up around 10 at night and stays up until almost midnight  I've tried having him stay up from 7 until almost 9 hoping he will be tired enough to sleep but he still wakes right back up does any one have any ideas on what to do to help him sleep

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  • Sleep begets sleep. Is he napping during the day? When are you starting your bedtime program? My littlest is a terrible daytime napper, but we still manage to get little 20 min naps throughout the day and he ends up sleeping for 3-4 hour stretches at night with 1/2 hr gaps for feeding. When we are up for feeding I don't unwrap him completely. He sort of sleep eats, I burp him and change his diaper, then he feeds on the other boob until he falls asleep, usually pretty quickly. I only unwrap as much as I need to change a diaper, and we don't turn on any lights. We have a nightlight and that's it.
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  • We have found bedtime and nighttime sleep is the best when LO has good daytime naps, but we are still struggling with naps and bedtime too. Everyone says it but I have been trying to institute a routine at night and it seems like it may be helping.
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