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Any other moms scheduled for a ECV (Version)

I am 36 weeks today and had a successful ECV this morning. I tried acupuncture/chiropractor/laying on ironing board, frozen peas etc and the baby was still breach leading up to my version. I was nervous as I had heard it was very painful but it took about 60 seconds and the baby turned! Just wanted to share my experience for any other moms who are scheduled or contemplating a version. I know success depends on baby position and a few other factors but I'm so happy I decided to move forward with the version. Fingers crossed he stays head down for another 4 weeks!

Re: Any other moms scheduled for a ECV (Version)

  • Thanks for sharing!! I find out Thursday if I have to do it, and, like you, I've heard they're really painful :(
  • I too am finding out soon if I need one. The midwife switched my next appointment to be with the doctor so she can go over it. I find out Tuesday. 
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  • Thank you for sharing! I find out tomorrow if she is still breech, she was last week and I think she still is. I will be 37 weeks on Thursday so my doctor is doing an ultrasound tomorrow to verify she is still breech and that there's enough fluid to attempt the version. 
    Did you have to go to the hospital for it? I am nervous about it but hoping it'll work.
  • I am supposed to be checked next Thursday  to see if I need one. But I am hoping she turned today. I had a lot of pain  this  evening  at work, and i think my stomach looks different, so I'm hoping. I was really dreading a c section. Of course I'd have one if necessary,  but the thought of being awake while being cut open scares me. :)  Can't wait for the ultrasound  next Thurs to be sure  :) good luck to everyone  else.
  • I'm so glad this worked for you! I so wish I would have had one done with my first. One of my biggest regrets!

    3 miscarriages - 1 DS (6) - 1 DD (3)  - #3 due March 30!

  • I did have to go to the hospital for the version. They gave me a shot to relax my uterus and set me up to ultrasound and heart monitor. Unfortunately, I think my little guy already flipped right back to breach as this morning when I woke up it feels like his head is right under my rib cage again. I'll go tomorrow for ultrasound to see if he indeed flipped back and then decide if I should go in for another version attempt. Since it wasn't too painful I'd definitely attempt again
  • The midwife checked position at the hospital today during my NST. she is still breech. she said at his point I will feel
    if she flips. 
  • I am 36+2 and have a few days to decide if I want an ECV at 38 weeks or a C section at 39 weeks. My baby has been in the same position for the last 10 weeks with the head right under my ribs the whole time. Never budging at all. I don't like the sound of an ECV to be honest. I always feel everything happens for a reason. If the baby moves itself then I will be happy but if it stays breech itself I feel there is a reason for that and I will go with a C section.
  • Do all doctors wait until 38 weeks to try a version
  • @emmaburns if it helps at all my baby was breech in the same position at 34 weeks,  head at my ribs and feet in my cervix, and now he has turned. I am 36+5. So it could still happen on its own. I am scheduled anyways for 39+3 but i feel better that i know he wants to come out at some point!

  • Thanks @lanatalia I know I still have time for it to turn. I just have a feeling he/she is very stubborn
  • I went yesterday for my NST and found out via ultrasound, baby was head down. Today at my OBGYN a appointment she is breech again. I have a version scheduled for next Wednesday. My baby is small, 25 percentile, so she is confident she will turn. We just have to hope she stays that way. 
  • I had my version done today st 36w3d - after 3 very painful attempts it failed. Baby's bum is too deep in my pelvis and he is stubborn! C- section scheduled for 39 weeks but I'm really hoping he will turn before then. I've been doing chiro, acupuncture and moxibustion, hanging upside down on ironing board with frozen peas every night but no luck yet. Fingers are still crossed though. 
  • I am having one in the  morning.  I'll let yall know how it goes. I'm nervous  that it won't work because she's a big girl - estimated at almost 8lbs with my due date being March 8th.    :)
  • Lisa6083 said:
    I am having one in the  morning.  I'll let yall know how it goes. I'm nervous  that it won't work because she's a big girl - estimated at almost 8lbs with my due date being March 8th.    :)
    Good luck! Let us know how it goes! I might have to be scheduled for one soon... Hoping to see a lot of success stories here. 
  • Well, mine was unsuccessful.  They think her legs are  too  long. They tried 4 times. So, I guess we will  be  scheduling  a c section.  I'm still in the recovery  room.  It sucks because I'm super crampy and my back hurts, and hungry. (Complain, Complain, lol)waiting on them to bring Tylenol  and let me try walking. 
  • Lisa6083 said:
    Well, mine was unsuccessful.  They think her legs are  too  long. They tried 4 times. So, I guess we will  be  scheduling  a c section.  I'm still in the recovery  room.  It sucks because I'm super crampy and my back hurts, and hungry. (Complain, Complain, lol)waiting on them to bring Tylenol  and let me try walking. 
    Ugh. Sorry to hear that... I guess she really didn't want to move. Wishing you all the best of luck and I hope the cramps and pain go away soon.
  • Are they not letting you eat in case they still need to do a section now?  My appointment isn't until 3Pm so I can't eat or drink anything all day, it is going to be torture!  
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    Hi, I'm popping in from dec 2015 group. So I found out my baby was breech when I was over 36 weeks pregnant. I had a doula who recommended all the natural things to try and get baby to spin but in the end no luck. I also had a external version that did not work as well. My ob is breech friendly and since my girl was frank breech which is the optimal position I had her vaginally. I was in the best hospital with the best ob for the situation and she was monitored intermittently the whole time. I just wanted to provide some support because I remember how stressful it was to figure out what to do and sometimes a c section isn't always required with the right support so good luck ladies :) 
  • My version for Wednesday is cancelled. The baby was head down today at my appointment.  She is still not engaged so could flip again, but if she does, we will do the version next week. 
  • My version at 37 weeks failed.  Her heart rate dropped and I almost had to have an emergency csection but she stabilized after a few minutes.  Pretty scary for a bit though.
  • I had my ECV on March 1St(due date was 3/3). It technically worked after the second attempt, she was head down. Unfortunately during the flip her umbilical cord got wrapped around her arm and neck causing her arm to be pinned above her head. I delivered her about an hour later via c-section. My ECV was excruciating. My doctor had recommended an epidural, which I got, but the first attempt was made before the epidural had taken affect. If they offer you an epidural for the ECV I highly suggest taking it. I couldn't have tolerated the second attempt without it and I have given birth 4 other times, 2x medication and epidural free. The ECV was worse than any labor I have had.
  • I had one done at 38 weeks. for me, it was painful, even with meds. it took about 20 minutes and was successful. hopefully she's still head down but we will see on tuesday unless I go into labor before then.
  • I had one done on Friday (the 4th). They gave me a shot in my arm to relax my uterus, checked his positioning on the ultrasound, put a ton of jelly on my stomach, then the doctor got a hold of his butt and head and essentially helped him front flip until he was head down. Surprisingly not painful for me at all! Now just praying he stays in position and I can avoid a c section. 
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  • I just had one LATE at 39.5 weeks and it worked!  Did it med free because I didn't want anything messing with my heart rate or altering the pain I might feel (I wanted to be able to ask them to stop if it didn't feel right).  Really wasn't that painful-- the fear of the possibilities was much worse than the version itself.  Contracted for a while after but was sent home within an hour and hoping she stays head down til she tells us it's time to come out! 
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