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In Law Update Memes and GIFs needed

Alright, we are on day 7 and I found out that they spilled coffee on my computer and broke it (complete loss) and also spilled it on my woven wraps when I was at work. They are blaming the coffee and me for it being there and I am DONE. I NEED some entertainment pretty please, I'm about to loose my pregnant mind. I can't wait to sit on my own couch instead of the 13 year old BIL and my in laws. 

Re: In Law Update Memes and GIFs needed

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  • Ahhh thank you ladies these are great! @Ceventa sadly it was my coffee on the side table that somehow my 7mo knocked over (literally not possible), which is why they are blaming me. My husband and I of course got different re-tellings of it with other people knocking it over 
  • Oh man, that would make me lose my mind! And they didn't even apologize??

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