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Cluster/Power Pumping

Hey gals! Wanted to see if anyone has had any luck with power pumping? Since starting back at work last month (night shift) I've noticed a dramatic drop in my milk production! From 2oz easily (sometimes 3) to maybe 1/2 an ounce. I've tried Mother's Milk Plus supplements, other Fenugreek supplements, drinking a beer... nothing is helping increase. I get good sleep and drink lots of water. My daughter is still in the NICU and expect to still be another month before she comes home. We havent been able to try breastfeeding yet and I think even if we did, I wouldn't be able to supply enough. I dont want to give up yet, but throwing out my last hail mary play that the cluster pumping will increase my production. I started it last night. Any tips/tricks that anyone has had with this style pumping?

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  • I haven't power pumped... but to get my milk to come in without nursing I had to be super diligent about pumping every 2 hours around the clock. I now pump every 4 hours during the day and recently dropped night pumps. I was told my lactation consultant that it's all about frequency so maybe increasing frequency without losing an hour straight like power pumping would help.
  • It's odd, it doesnt matter how many times a day I pump, it's not increasing.
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  • Sorry, I haven't had experience with power pumping but I wanted to give encouragement. Don't give up yet! A baby is much more efficient at getting the milk than even the best pump. I'm so sorry about your LO in the NICU. If you could just keep pumping what you can until she gets out, then maybe you would be able to try breastfeeding. Pumping took a lot out of me. It was so draining and I had to supplement with formula. When LO and I were able to breastfeed again, my supply increased. Hang in there!
    I sent you a private msg.
  • What kind of pump are you using?
    Are you applying any heat or massage either before pumping or during?
    Do u look at pics of her when u pump?
    Are u in a quiet relaxing place?
  • Medela Freestyle.. i get the same amount if I use that or the hospital grade pump in the NICU. I've tried applying heat doesnt help much, i usually do massage.. ive always had luck with it even with daughter #1. Always have pics or videos up, and dont see any increase even when I pump at her bedside after holding her. And I am usually in a quiet spot.. 
  • I exclusively pumped with my first and power pumping definitely helped me. I did it once or twice a day for a few days in a row every couple weeks until I was well established. I did the normal 20 minute pump then did 10 minute break then 10 minutes of pumping repeated for 1 hour. Also fenugreek and blessed thistle supplements are suppose to help supply. I tried it but made my son super gassy so stopped after just a couple days. 
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