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Daycare question

For the mamas who have to take their LOs to daycare, what does your morning routine look like? Currently, LOs bedtime is about 830-9 and she STTN until 7-730. DH and I both have to be at work by 7, so I'm anticipating having to wake her up early and start moving bedtime earlier. We already do bottles at night before we go to bed, so that won't need to change very much. What do you guys do to make your mornings easier and get everyone out of the house on time? Also, this is a really stupid question, how do you wake your LOs up in the mornings. I've never had to wake LO at night, only the occasional nap if we need to be somewhere, and her sleep is light at that point so it's very easy. I anticipate it'll be more difficult when she's sleeping harder. 

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  • I don't work til 9 but I get up at 5 and start my day. Wake, pump, workout and shower. Often DS gets up after I shower. I ether try to get him back down or just deal and try to get ready while keeping him occupied which makes my usual half hour shower and hair makeup routine at least an hour. Then I make shakes for DH and I. Feed DS his solids and wake up DH. Keep DS occupied while DH gets his life together and comes downstairs. I pack his bag for the sitter, my bag for work and pump again while DH feeds LO a bottle of pumped milk and then off to the sitter who is on the way to work. It's crazy to think I need 4 hours to get everything done before work but if I didn't give myself that much time I would be rushed and stressed so getting up super early is the only way I can manage it all. I like to be able to take my time.  I'd die if I had to be at work at 7!!
  • I try to do as MUCH as possible the night before. I go crazy in the mornings if I don't. I make bottles, pick out my son's clothes for the next day, and he goes to sleep around 7:30 (and STTN until about 6-6:15). I also make sure that MY clothes are picked out for the next day, lunch is made, bag is packed, and dinner is cleaned up. My alarm goes off about 5:30 and I shower, get dressed, do hair/makeup, and then grab my son around 6:15 to feed/change him. I normally just go in and kiss his forehead a few times and he starts to stir. Then we are leaving around 6:45-7 for daycare! It's definitely a whirlwind each morning but for me, prepping the night before is so necessary. The few nights that I haven't done it, I've been sooo late. I even went to work with sopping wet hair one morning because I just didn't have time to blow dry my hair since I hadn't prepped!
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  • @dmbfan46835 I can't imagine getting up 4 hours before we had to be at work!

    We FF and I definitely don't work out in the mornings lol so that would cut out the time taken for pumping and working out for us. I'm hoping to be up by 5, shower and get ready, I'm a nurse so scrubs and a messy bun would work for me lol, wake her up by 6, bottle, diaper, get dressed, and out the door by 620-630. Daycare is right next to the hospital so hopefully I can drop off and get in to work by 650. That's best case scenario, but we'll just be winging it! I'm only going to be on day shift while I'm on orientation for 6-12 weeks then I go back to nights. So getting LO up and off to daycare will turn into DH's problem lol
  • One recommendation is to try and drop off necessities at day care before the first morning. If you can drop off formula, diapers, wipes, etc. the day or two before that'll really help with the "Load" of stuff you'll need to bring the first day.

    I'd also recommend planning at least 20 minutes to do the drop off.  It takes time to get the car seat out, get into the building, sign LO in, get him out of the car seat, talk to teacher for a minute. I live about 10 minutes from work and I usually leave about 25 minutes ahead of time and just barely make it in time each day.
  • I find making bottles the night before to be super helpful! I EP so I pump in the morning and then just dump the milk into the bottles that are already otherwise assembled. We use Dr Browns bottles so they have a million pieces.

    I also dress LO in what she wears to daycare before she goes to bed. This works for me because she usually just has a onsie on to sleep and then in the morning I throw some pants & socks on her. 

    When I wake her, I lay next to her (we co sleep) and just say "good morning! I love you" and things like that. Kisses help! She almost always wakes up smiley. Some people say they do a diaper change to wake LO but I feel like if I woke up to a cold wet diaper wipe I'd be upset so I don't know how they do that ... 

    Its ts all about routine. For me - I had to come up with the routine and just tell DH what I need him to do. He's the kind of guy that wants to help but doesn't know how to, so for us it works for me to just TELL him :)
  • I went this week and dropped off diapers, wipes, extra pacis, the extra Merlin suit, and clothes. DH has to do the first drop off because the initial orientation is at a separate facility, which is inconvenient lol. So the only thing DH will be responsible for is LO and her bottles for the day, which hopefully he can handle lol. I've already told him we need to get up at the same time and get ready so we can both be available to help once she starts waking up earlier. He's really bad about laying in bed on his phone for 10-15 minutes after the alarm goes off. He's not the best at time management lol. Our first few weeks I'm sure will be ROUGH! But luckily he's the manager at his branch so it's not a huge deal if he's running a little late. I, on the other hand, can't afford to ever be late. It's a good way to piss people off pretty quickly when night shift nurses are ready to go home lol
  • Lurker from O15. I go into work early now and my husband does drop off so I can do pick up. I leave the house between 6:50 and 7. My commute is really short. Only about 5-10 minutes with traffic. I get up at 5:30 and shower and get ready. Then I finish getting my lunch and pump parts together around 6:30 and feed her before I leave. We wake her up by softly rubbing her and kissing her. Sometimes she wakes up on her own and just chills in bed until we change her diaper. My husband makes breakfast while I shower and gets the main part of our lunches together, the he gets our daughter and changes and dresses her while I get snacks in lunches. Then while I feed her he loads his car and makes our coffee. Then we leave. Sometimes he leaves a little after me. I am able to get off at the same time every day so I can pick her up earlier in the afternoon. I also work 8 hour days and he works 9 so it works better that way for us. It will be more time consuming when she is eating more solids and breakfast and such. But well adjust when we get there. : ) I think the most import part is finding the most efficient way to get morning tasks done (assuming you want as much sleep as possible ☺️). Also splitting them up is important. 
  • I work at 8 but live 1 1/2 hrs from work. Lo goes to bed at 8 pm. I get up at 420 pump messy bun brush teeth put on scrubs by around 5. Then I wake lo by lightly rubbing his back and saying hey baby time to wake up then I scoop and hold cuddle. Then gently lay on changing table do all that jazz and downstairs by 520. I use some of my fresh milk from the pump to feed him he now holds his own bottle. We put him on a little nest of blankets and a boppy to feed himself on the floor. That way I don't have to worry abouthim rolling off the couch. While he's eating I'll label bottles, get my pump stuff, his stuff all together then my husband takes it to car usually lo is done and now it's jacket time for him and I then out the door by 540. Drop off at day care usually takes me about 7 or 8 minutes but that's because he's the first baby there if they are getting a large amount of Los in at the time you could be stuck waiting. 
  • I have to be to work by 7:50 and it can definitely be stressful getting out the door in the mornings! I try to have everything packed the night before both my work bag and lunch along with the diaper bag and bottles that way I can just toss in the last few essentials and head out the door. It also helps to shower the night before, which usually means a pony tail the next day but I prefer sleep over beauty. Especially as a nurse my hair ends up in a pony anyways.  I have my alarm set for 5:30 but Lo is usually up between 5 and 6 am. When I get up I pump and if Lo is awake I sit on the floor and play with her while I pump. Then I change her and feed her and make sure that she is ready for the day and then get myself ready. If I'm lucky and she sleeps I can get myself ready before she wakes but 90% of the time that doesn't happen and things take much longer... I have to be out the door no later than 7:15. If I don't have everything ready for the next day I'm always late for work... If your husband could help that would definitely relieve some stress even if it's just holding Lo for 5 minutes while you do whatever you need to get done. When Lo is being fussy and only wants attention or to be held it can turn a 5 minute task into a 20 minute one. Unfortunately I don't have that because mine is always gone by 6 am. But also try to leave yourself extra time because there will be days that you need it! Plus if you don't need it then at least you have a little extra cuddle time! 
  • Hi again from A15!
    Besides what everyone else said, one thing that helps a bunch is that my husband packs my car for me every morning.  He leaves for work before we leave for work / daycare, so having the car already ready with things we need is really helpful.  I can just grab the babe and go.  
    Also, I don't know about your daycare, but mine has a "change your baby if you drop him/her off in a poopy diaper" rule.  LO poops 9 out of 10 days in the car on the way to daycare (at least he's regular?) so I have to add a few minutes to the whole routine.  Just be prepared for little time add-ons like that.  Fortunately, my job isn't super strict about me running a few minutes late, but oh, it can be a pain to deal with.
  • I'm just repeating what a bunch of people have already said...I also have a toddler, so the mornings can be a crapshoot.

    1) Get EVERYTHING ready the night before. Bottles labeled in the fridge in a bag with her food. Work bag, purse, diaper bag packed and by the door. Lunch packed and in the fridge. Everything set out. Outfits for both girls and me chosen and set out.
    2) I shower and blow dry my hair at night, then spend a few minutes straightening it in the morning.I wake up at 6.  (My hair is short, but still takes at least 10 minutes to dry, so it saves time to do it and shower at night.) I take 15 minutes to get ready, then get stuff out of the fridge and by the door, make my coffee, and get some cheerios and juice ready for DD1.
    3) DD2 will sometimes wake as early as 6, which makes everything take longer. Sometimes she keeps sleeping and I have to get her up at 6:45, which I do by picking her up and changing her diaper and getting her dressed. Sometimes I'll nurse her first, then change her and dress her. At some point between 6:30-6:45 I get DD1, who's 99% awake and talking to herself in her room.
    4) If I haven't nursed her yet, I nurse DD2 at 7 while DD1 has a little juice and some cheerios (already set out for her)
    5) I load the car while the girls are inside, DD2 in her excersaucer.
    6) Shoes, jackets, and out between 7:20 and 7:30. 

  • I do everything in the morning.  I wake up at 6:30, wash bottles, pack the big kids lunches, shower, get the baby ready and leave at 8:30.  
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  • We let baby sleep until we're all done getting ready for the day, then wake him up, change his diaper, put on his clothes, and nurse him, then leave. 

    We like to wake him up gradually so he wakes up on his own, so we'll go turn his light halfway on about 15 min before we're going to wake him up, turn off his sound machine, and then leave his door open so he hears some of the noise we're making as we're getting ready. Usually this does the trick :) Sometimes if he's sleeping really soundly we'll have to start talking to him and rub his back. 
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