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About a month ago I went cold turkey with the pacifier and it's been a struggle. My baby will sleep at night for 10 to 11 hours just fine but he protests naps. Some days he will nap just fine and other days he will not nap unless I give him him the paci. He naps great at daycare 2 days a week without the pacifier. Anyone have any suggestions ? 

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  • Why do you want to take the pacifier away now? I personally think that a paci, blanket, stuffed animal or any "lovey" isn't a bad thing. You can take it away later. For some reason he likes napping with it at home so give it back.
  • When my son was using the pacifier he woke up about every hour at night wanting it back after it fell out. For some reason he won't put it back in himself at night. I'm afraid if I give him the pacifier back all the time he will go back to his terrible sleeping habbits at night.

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    We went cold turkey on daytime pacifiers, and only let them have them at night. We were fetching pacifiers all night long until we got them Wubbanubs. They're awesome. With the little stuffed animal attached, they stay in the cribs so we don't have to retrieve them. Perhaps you can try limiting pacifier use to just the crib...and eventually wean away from that. Do you think that would work for him?

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  • You could just use the pacifier for naps since nighttime sounds like it's going great for you. That's what we do since she's a crummy napper, but sleeps great at night. 
  • Considering he naps fine at daycare without it, and sleeps well at night without it, it sounds like this is just a nap issue more so than paci issue.. My LO protests naps just for the sake of doing so, so I just have to make sure I get him good and tired beforehand. Obviously at this age nap schedules are hard to set in stone, but I would say just keep doing what you're doing and expect a few rough naps from time to time. It's hard to avoid completely.
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