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Ultrasound Weight Estimate vs. Birth Weight

Baby J is estimating over 10lbs already & I'm 38+4. Doctor was already pushing for early induction & now is wanting to do a scheduled c-section.

The research I've done, just today, on estimated weight vs. actual birth weight is astounding in that at least 50% of the time the estimate is WAY off. Usually on the high side, but sometimes on the low side, so I guess I'm looking for validation.

Please share your experiences with the estimates given from ultrasounds vs. actual birth weights. 

Re: Ultrasound Weight Estimate vs. Birth Weight

  • There's a thread right below this one with a lot of experiences, you'll get some quick answers there. 

    My daughter was accurate (and 9.5lbs) but it really varies greatly. My boy is measuring big too and while an early induction was floated as an option they've decided that the safest course is just to not let me go past 41w.

    I would definitely, DEFINITELY, push for an induction over a c-section. You always have the fall back option if things stall, but starting out with a section strikes me as a little too aggressive for weight alone.
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  • Thank you - I looked & searched for a thread about this before I posted & apparently if it was a snake it would've bitten me! 
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  • I had a growth scan 2 days before i had my LO and they estimated her at 3kg. Lo and behold she was born at 3.1kgs. I understand thats more coincidence though, many women find their scans are way out. 
  • My doctors estimated my baby to be 8.5 lbs, he was born at 7lbs 9 oz
  • My baby was supposed to be 8 or 9 lbs and she weighed 7.14 remember your body knows what its doing!
  • I had an ultrasound about 12 hours before delivery and they were about 10 oz off.   He was smaller.
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  • At 38 weeks, my Dr said my son was almost 9 lbs. Then at 39 weeks he was 9.5. Went into labor, they said he would be a huge baby. 
    My son was born at 8 lbs 2 oz...more than a pound less than estimated! 
  • My son was measuring 8 lb 2 oz two weeks ago at 36 weeks and I had an ultrasound yesterday saying he was 8 lb 10 oz. The doctor told me it depends on where the measurment is taken at. If it's at a different angle than the previous measurement then it could be off. He told me to expect there to be about a half pound margin for error either way, but since my son is measuring big both times to expect him to be over 9 lb at birth 
  • Had an ultrasound with a specialist the day i had dd, he estimated her at 5lb 6oz, i was immediately sent up to l&d due to low fluid and dd not growing, she was born at 5 lbs exactly! 
  • I had a ultrasound done on my due date and they estimated baby's weight at 7lbs 11oz. He was born via c section the next day at 7lbs 15oz.
  • Lurking from May 2016

    DD1 measured over 9 lbs 4 days before before my EDD. I was freaked out by the potential size but decide to go with the induction because I really didn't want to have a c section. Very glad I did because she came out just fine and only 8lbs 1oz 3 days later (1 day before EDD). 
  • They estimated my son at just under 8 pounds 6 days ago and he was born at 8 today. Pretty accurate. 
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  • We were estimated at 6lbs5oz the week before our c section and baby boy was born 6lbs 4.5oz. 
  • We were estimated to be 7 pounds 12 ounces at birth at our 36  week ultrasound and Silas was born 7 pounds 11 ounces at 40+4 z
  • Estimated 6Lbs 9 ounces at 38 weeks and baby boy was born late last night at 40+2 days at 7lbs 11.5 ounces. Quite close on target. 

  • Basically, if they estimate 8 pounds, don't expect a 5 pounder... or a 15 pounder. But be surprised if you actually get an 8 pounder
  • If they had been right my baby would have been 10 pounds. She was 8.9
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