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Is diarrhea normal in the last weeks of pregnancy??

I don't know in this point if i'm getting to nervous about the baby coming at any time or if it is normal. But i been having diarrhea for the last 2 days.Was going on with my body??

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  • I definitely had more frequent bms in the week or so preceding Evies arrival but not necessarily diarrhea. When I was actually in labor I did have more diarrhea like bms which is totally normal and part of the process & nerves. 
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  • Yes. It is a sign that labor will start soon (within a few weeks). As things loosen and prepare for labor your bowels loosen as well. Very common. 
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  • It was for me...   good luck
  • I've been having similar problems and was wondering the same thing! Maybe my baby's letting me know he's on the way! :)
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  • My baby dont want to come out 
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    With both of mine my intestines completely cleared out for the two days prior to labor and during early labor itself. So yes, it can very well be a sign if it's generally unusual for you. 

  • Okay, im 38weeks now and ive been having diarrhea on and off for the last two weeks. I hope its a sign baby is coming soon, im too anxious.

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