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Timing for visitors after csection?

How soon did you allow visitors after scheduled csection? We have told my inlaws a couple times that they are welcome after about 4 hours after baby is born... when they plan to bring ds1 to meet baby#2, but they continue to say how they will be at the hospital before they bring ds#1, I know they are excited. How did you feel after scheduled csection? My parents won't meet baby#2 until about 3 days after birth as they live out of town. I just want some time with my new little one, husband and recover...

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  • I am scheduled this Friday for a repeat C. I go into surgery at 7 am and told the in laws that I would not accept visitors until closer to 4. Those hours are for us, and thankfully our hospital restricts visitors from 1p to 3p for bonding and quiet time. Plus my boys will still be going to school and don't get out until about 4. 

    I say take all the time you want. Especially since YOU are the one going through major surgery. Does your hospital have a way of restricting visitors? My guests have to have a special pass code or they arent allowed on the unit. Maybe you should look into that, that way you can give out the code when you are good and ready!

    Good luck momma!
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    I had my c section on a Friday and wasn't ready for visitors until that Sunday. I was pretty out of it the day of and wanted to wait until the catheter was out and I was able to shower before entertaining visitors.
  • Just an FYI, you do have a right to deny visitors until you're ready. You can either be honest with your inlaws or have the hospital staff keep them at bay on your behalf. 

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  • It's completely up to you.  I had scheduled CS this time and I saw visitors about 5 hours later. That was only about an hour or two after I made it into my room.  My 2.5yr old came a little later. As I predicted, the first thing he did was accidentally knee me in the tummy with an overly enthusiastic hug. Watch out for those.
  • Thanks all! I am scheduled for 1030, and my inlaws are in charge of picking up my 3yo from daycare around 4ish. My thought was for them to bring him around 4 or so... But like I said I have heard a few times that they are planning to come meet lo before that, maybe as if they are planning to come and wait?? I love my inlaws but I would be feeling the same with my parents too.

    I had an emergency CS last time and it was at night. I was put under, so they did not come until the following morning. Which was nice bc I had time to rest, and spend as a new family.
  • Do you remember how long after surgery are you still hooked up to all of the machines, for blood clots etc? 
  • I was hooked up to everything for about 12 hours after surgery. That being said my folks came by about 6/7 hours after surgery they only stayed about 20 min which was perfect. I was super out of it but it was nice to see them. They came back my last day in the hospital (day 3) for a longer visit which was much nicer. 

  • I had a c-section with DS1 and I had to stay in bed with the BP cuff, compression boots and a catheter for 24 hours because my BP spiked and I had to be on magnesium. It was miserable and I am hoping for a much better experience this time. I think I would have been allowed out of bed within a couple of hours if I hadn't been put on the magnesium. My RCS is scheduled for 7:30 am this time. My dad is going to come to our house that morning and be with DS1 until he takes him to daycare and then probably come up there. Our friends that are keeping DS1 are going to be bringing him up after they get off work and DS1 is out of school so probably around 5:30/6:00. We are planning on doing the family centered c-section so it would be a couple of hours before anyone could see the baby anyway and it would be nice to have at least until that afternoon to recover and breastfeed before anyone comes. With DS1 people were there all day until like 9:00 that night when the nurse finally kicked my in-laws out. 

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  • IMy daughter was born @ 2pm and I had visitors about 2 hours later while the epidural was still working for the most part. I was given pitocin until 2am to make sure I didn't hemorrhage(they said I had to have it for so long because it was my 5th delivery/6the pregnancy). Once that epidural wore off it took until the next morning around 10am for them to get my pain under control. I was supposed to have my kids come back up to the hospital but I made my husband call and tell my mil there was no way I could tolerate visitors nor did I want my kids to see their normally tough mommy in agony. I would tell your visitors that you will let them know when you feel up to having them. You may be fine with visitors one hour and a few hours later decide you don't want anyone there. Don't feel bad if you aren't ready for company after you have your baby, that is your time to worry about only you and your baby. Good luck!  
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