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HPV positive?

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I'm married and have been only with my husband the last three years. I received an abnormal pap result today which stated possible HPV effect. I'm almost 12-wks and have had this years ago, but an concerned especially now that I'm pregnant. Anyone else going through this? Also, I'd like to add this is the kind that causes cervical cancer, not warts.

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  • there is a very, very large population of people that have one strain or another of HPV. i honestly wouldn't be worried about it, but if you really are, i would be discussing it with your doctor. 
  • Hey I responded to this on your thread in September :) try not to worry you are not alone in this :)
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  • Thank you both for responding! 
  • Lurking. I had my son in December, I've had HPV for 5 years. Also the kind that shows cervical cancer not warts. My pregnancy was not affected, there isn't anything different that they will do since it is not warts. My OB did a pap at I believe 23 weeks just to make sure it wasn't becoming any more abnormal. They asked at the hospital the day I delivered of anything they needed to know. I told them I am HPV positive and they didn't even bat an eye. I know it can be worry some but it won't affect your pregnancy or the baby.
  • It shouldn't have an effect on your pregnancy at all.  I had a positive HPV test last year, but nothing abnormal came of my most recent pap, which I had on my first prenatal visit.  Dr wasn't concerned at all.  
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    @meansallison @fourtsixand2 ;thank you for your response. My doctor hasn't even called to discuss it with me yet and I got the results through mchart 3 days ago, so I figured it wasn't a concern, but then again my ob isn't the best at communicating. @kyraaD ;  My husband will be at my next appt with me and I'm not sure if it'll get brought up. We've only been married 6 months, so this isn't a convo I really want to have if I don't have to. I just want a healthy baby...
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    My cousin went through this. The bigger issue, my understanding was anyway, is that if it IS heading the direction of cancer, there isn't much they can do about it until you deliver. Which can make what was "Oh no big, freeze a few spots on your cervix" something more involved. The doctor should be able to tell you the "level" of abnormal cells, which indicates the severity.

    And an abnormal pap is not ALWAYS hpv or cervical cancer. I had an abnormal pap 11 years ago, and it turned out it was because no one told me not to have sex the night before a PAP. *eye roll* The doctor did the LEEP and it was totally and completely normal. So FX for you!

    And HPV is completely common. I wouldn't worry about telling your husband, men are mostly just carriers, they haven't yet linked it to any significant health consequences... In fact, they can't even screen men for it.

    Did you do the Guardasil vaccine? There have been some reports of false positives for HPV after the vaccine, especially in the first year.  

  • @Allisun85 No, I did not got the vaccine although I wish I would have... I was first told I had hpv 4-5 years ago and it reappeared about 3 years ago after I first had sex with my husband. I never told him because it cleared up within 6 months and then here e are now.  My doctor finally got back with me and said my pap showed a few atypical cells and exposure to hpv, but she was not worried about. Oh and she said we'll discuss it at my next appt....ugh 
  • My Pap came back abnormal for the first time last year - cervical cancer kind, not warts. My doctor said at this early stage it'll typically take care of itself (mine was only level 1); if anything they might freeze a few areas and see it that works. After finding out I was pregnant my doctor told me there's a good chance that my body will reverse it by itself. We had a woman at our group that was 3rd level before pregnancy and after giving birth, her pap came back completely normal. All that to say, I wouldn't stress.
  • I can relate, I was terrified when I first got the call that I had HPV a few years ago!  I thought it meant I definitely had cancer or was going to get genital warts or be infertile or something.  Only after research did I realize that it is insanely common and most people with HPV never get cancer.  Fortunately, I have had the vaccine.  I was in shock because I thought I couldn't get it with the vaccine, but it just protects against the most dangerous strains.  HPV is like most viruses... if you have a good immune system, your body will take care of it.  And if you're married, then you can't get it from the same partner again.  I had a colposcopy for further testing and my doctor recommended taking folic acid and green tea extract (not sure if this is ok when pregnant) to help the body do its job and heal. I've since had several normal paps.
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