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Traveling with LO

Does anyone have advice or tips on flying or traveling with baby for the first time? 
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Re: Traveling with LO

  • We flew with my son when he was 6 months old to California so a short 2 hour flight but we brought bottles, toys, snacks, his car seat and bought him his own seat. It was a piece of cake actually.
  • my daughters first ever flight was 6 hours long ! she was 7 months old. i was dreading it but she was fantastic ! lots of toys / activities and few snacks- maybe an iPad with some fave cartoons on (use that as last resort??) comfy clothes. she slept for a good 2 hours so that gave us a little bit of break ! 
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  • kde4kde4 member
    Just a few tips:
    - get a nonstop flight, if possible
    - bring a change of clothes for you and LO
    - get a car seat bag to protect it (this was my favorite tip from a friend!)
    - if you bottle feed, make a little bag with a bib and everything pre-portioned (you'll be thankful for every little thing you don't have to do on the plane)
    - put toys on pacifier clips so that they don't fall on the floor constantly

    Good luck!

    My favorite activities and tips for surviving different phases with our twins!

  • Great tips above: I would just add, be sure to have LO suck on paci or bottle (or snacks) during take off and landing. If your ears are popping, so are theirs, but they can't clear them on their own. Saved us from any screaming or discomfort. We flew at 4 and 6.5 months and it wasn't bad at all! I think the white noise and vibration of the plane helped her sleep!!
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