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Zika Virus. Anyone Else?


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  • I am definitely freaking out about the Zika virus. I live in central Florida and as of today we have had at least 16 reported cases and some of them were very close to where I live. Also, I am traveling to Michigan in the next few weeks and am very concerned about the airport. I will be talking to my midwife to hopefully get some peace of mind about this virus and traveling. 
  • event though i hate bug Spray it has become a part of my daily routine hope i get some piece of mind when I can ask more at my first app this Friday. I live in Hawaii and there was once case of an infant being born with Zika.
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  • I thought it was more of a concern in the 2nd and 3rd trimester? In the first trimester it usually results in miscarriage but after that it results in birth defects. 

    Pretty scary either way! 

    Thats crazy that the insurances are writing that in! I mean thats the purpose of the insurance! 

    @missteacherlady16 Could you save it as a credit for a future trip? 
    No, unfortunately their policy was very specific that you lose 50% of paid value of the trip. I haven't canceled yet, however, as I will be waiting until the first tri is over just to be sure. 

    I am worried about the 2nd and 3rd tri, too. I live in a Philly burb, and while it's pretty far north compared to where the outbreak currently is, the projected migration path of this mosquito is scary. 

    I have read an article, somewhat recently, that found to Off! Clip-on (it's like a clip-on fogger) to be excellent in repelling mosquitoes with a 0.3 meter radius (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/02/160202174011.htm) we do a lot of gardening in the summer and the mosquitoes feast on me. I'll have to ask my RE/OB about it before I use it. Otherwise, I'll be staying in doors this summer :(
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  • I am freaking out about it too even in NY! I keep saying to DH, guess I am staying in all summer! Hopefully by then they figure something out!
    Where in ny do you live!? I'm from ny too

  • So we stopped preventing pregnancy for only about 2 or 3 weeks when I got scared of Zika and said we'd wait. Now, turns out those 2-3 weeks were all it took. My bro in law is getting married near Tampa in May... I'm nervous. I almost hope my Dr says no, and makes the choice for me.
  • Does anyone know what bug sprays are safe to use during pregnancy? I'm in Texas and have a feeling that I'll be using a lot of it over the next 7 months... 
  • What is really interesting in Zika Virus originated in Uganda. In east Africa there has been no correlation between Zika and microcephaly. I live in Tanzania and so have been trying to keep up here but some studies are saying it's likely east Africans are immune to the virus, not that that would include me. But it does make me so curious about if it is even here or not. 

    “The level of risk of infection in Africa is much lower than that in the Americas because the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes have been here for a very long time and cause other related viral infections including dengue fever in the African coastal regions, yellow fever and Nile fever,” said Dr Sang.
    “It is known that immunity to one virus can protect you from the other virus which could be a reason Africa has not had Zika virus outbreaks,” said Dr Sang.

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  • This is all so scary. I'm wondering if I should cancel our trip to the gulf coast in May. I also have tickets to a music festival in Georgia that month. What do y'all think?

    As for the trip insurance, I heard airlines are offering no-fee cancellations to pregnant women because of Zika. If your travel insurance doesn't cover it, maybe you can at least get out of paying your airfare?
  • Everything @celette482 said! 
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