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One ANGRY mommy

I posted back on Valentine's Day that my MIL was keeping our LO over night for the first time and I was so upset, just worried. My MIL told me she slept through night in her pack n play and I thought great! But call it mothers intuition or just a feeling I had of something does feel right...but I told my husband "why does Kinsley always sleep through the night and nap for your mom but no one else?" Not my parents, not us. My MIL also kept her this past Wed and on Wed night and Thurs LO acted so weird. Not loud and talking, smiling. She was just quiet and tired. My parents who keep her during the week brought it up. Why is she acting so weird?

Well fast forward to DH and I went out to eat for date night. We ask MIL to watch her while we were out. I texted her at dinner then again on way response. We get home and my MIL is PASSED OUT ASLEEP ON THE COUCH. I'm talking dogs barking, us yelling "hey! We're home", My DH putting his finger in her ear twice and no waking her. Her phone was by her head so she had never heard my texts either obviously. She finally wakes 15 mins after we're home. LO was asleep in our bed (we co-sleep) but we KNOW she had woken, cried and MIL didn't hear her bc the way LO was on the bed, up side down on opposite side! This never happens, never has. Also, MIL told us "she hasn't woken one time" like she ALWAYS tells us when DH and I know she ALWAYS wakes 30-45 mins after you put her down. We have a 2 oz bottle ready for it. Feed her that and she's good...for a little bit. She always wakes, she's not the best sleeper. 

So, bottom line my MIL has not woken up to my baby crying. She doesn't hear her. So she lets her CIO. And lies to us that she slept through the night or didn't wake when really no, you didn't wake.

We do not do CIO so yes, I'm very upset. But not even just that. You're not supposed to babysit and sleep?? Im so angry. She's going to want to keep her over night all the time. She always wants to. I'm 

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  • WOW. That is so dangerous. If she sleeps through the baby crying AND baby is on the bed!? What if baby fell, or what if baby was choking? I am so sorry you guys are going through this. Even the notice in behavior changes, I really hope that your baby does not have attachment and behavioral problems from this. I hope everything turns out ok!!!! :D 
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    I totally agree that she should not have been sleeping. I'm a light sleeper, so I absolutely don't understand how someone could fall asleep that deeply and noy hear a baby crying. It makes me worry about when she raised her own kids. I hope your girl is doing better, hopefully she only needs a little extra loving. Best of luck. 
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    My LO is 7 1/2 months my husband and I have done our dates during lunch time and my younger sister watches him because I have the same fears of leaving our son overnight. Luckily my younger,18 yr. old , sister who is willing to stay up and with him. I'm still working my way to doing that. So sorry your going through this at the time. I'm pretty sure your husband would agree to not let her stay the night anymore. I woudnt, and we aren't a CIO type of parents either. Have y'all thought of just hiring a sitter for those nights you and DH have a date?
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    Wow. I would be pissed !   Babies cry for a reason, even if it's just for a snuggle and to know your there for them.  We don't let our Lo CIO and didn't with our older 2 either.  I'm so sorry you had to go through that . I totally agree with it being so dangerous as well, if something happened to the baby while she was sleeping and not even able to wake up to hear her. So scary the possibilities because of someone's neglectful actions.  Hopefully your Lo is ok.  I wouldn't be letting my mil watch her for a long time if she did something like that. 
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    I could say so many things right now...I am soooo sorry mama!!!! I know you have responsibility to take care of your MIL and visit but if you know she isn't responsible dont leave your little one with her anymore. I'm super angry for you. She put the life of your baby in danger and probably could of traumatized your little one which is why your little one was acting weird. CIO is not for me but Even when you CIO you should reassure your baby that you are there and she is loved and often check on her not leave her just like that. I know she is of age but it is just not safe. Sorry I'm ranting but I would be soooo pissed off. Please keep us updated it and if anything we are here. I also cosleep with my son and I know they feel assured when we are there with them!! Take it easy and give your baby girl extra hugs and kisses mama!!!! I hope she is doing better than last week mama and Sending blessings your way!  God bless!! 
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