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Sick babies

Anyone else had a sick baby already?

We had our first case of gastroenteritis
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Re: Sick babies

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    Oh no. My LO just got brochiolitis
  • Yup we're fighting bronchiolitis as well, it's miserable to watch
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  • We just have had a stuffy nose for about 2 weeks, lots of saline and suctioning.  
  • Me and baby both caught a cold, it was a hard week.
  • We caught a little respiratory bug at 5 weeks (thankfully not RSV). A lot of saline and snot sucker, put her crib mattress on an incline, and not a whole lot of sleep for anyone.
  • Yes just a cold here.  On Day 14 of nasal congestion. Doc said it might be 4 weeks before it clears up!
  • My little guy has a cold and a nasty cough! it's the worst thing to hear during one of his coughing fits. I can feel the congestion in his chest when he breathes... I've taken him to the doctor 3 times now to make sure it's not this or that (something more dangerous). Right when I had him sleeping in his crib at night this happened! Now he can only sleep on me most of the night...

  • We just got over a 3 week cold!!! He's still congested in the mornings but thank god he's better. I thought he'd be sick forever. 
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  • Mine had the stomach flu! It was awful! Luckily it only lasted one day
  • My sweet baby had a cold for about 10 days (after hubs and I both had it). No fun!
  • I'm on my third humidifier trying to beat her lingering congestion.  First I had that tear drop shaped one from Babies R Us - didn't do anything, then I upgraded to the most expensive of the Nuk ones where it had a cold and flu setting - it never got the room above 30% which is terrible. Tonight I got a Honeywell multiroom cool mist which was a pain to clean and set up and too big to actually fit in the bedroom and super noisey but hopefully it works.  Anyone else struggling with this or have any suggestions? 
  • Bronchiolitis here too. Lots of saline and suctioning. His cough sounds so terrible. Poor babies. 
  • We just had gastroenteritis yesterday and last night :( baby is doing much better thank goodness! She couldn't keep anything down so we had to only feed for 3 mins, wait 15, feed 3 mins, wait etc etc until she kept it down. 
  • We had a cold and now she's addicted to sleeping in her swing. Womp womp.
  • LO had awful diarrhea for 3 of his diaper changes yesterday. I was certain we'd be making a call to the Pedi. Today. Thankfully it's back on track, but I think he may be coming down with a cold. He's coughing here and there and just sounds nasally. 

  • We have the Dyson humidifier in LO's room as well as ours and it auto adjusts based on the humidity levels in the room. They also kill any bacteria in the water prior to running so you don't have that gross buildup that you get with a lot of humidifiers. 
  • Hubby had a respiratory infection, now I have a cold, and baby just started with a cough today (it breaks my heart!!), temp of 99 degrees, and the occasional sneeze. Ladies whose babies had a cold, did you call the dr? If so, when? I keep reading that a cough can be nothing or it can be super serious...thanks for the clarification Google!!
  • @mbud926 I brought her in to the doctor, she taught me the signs of respiratory distress and other red flags to keep an eye out for, and gave me some tips and tricks to make it easier to cope (elevating crib mattress, etc) As a first time mom, I felt much more educated and in control, it was totally worth going in.
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