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Staying in a hotel

We are going away in May, baby will be about 4 months.  What can I buy for the hotel for her to sleep in?  All the travel cribs look like she would be sleeping on the floor.

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  • l4rkl4rk member
    We are also staying in a hotel in May. My research revealed that most people go with a pack n play. Some hotels also have cribs you can borrow.
  • Pack n plays are probably the best. You may want to consider a rock n play as well as they are not as big as pack n plays.
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  • We are going away in May and requested a crib when we made our reservation at the hotel. I am planning to bring our own mattress pad cover and sheet. We will be at a house earlier in the week and are using a rental company to deliver a crib. Play Yards are a great idea, however we will be flying and are trying to minimize our luggage wherever possible. 
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    A lot of pack and plays have an infant bassinet, which is a net with bars that raises the mattress up, we have always used that when the babes are tiny.

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  • The pack n play seems a bit large! I'd bring a bassinet 
  • claireloSCclaireloSC member
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    Pack and play! We're bringing ours when we travel the week after next. It's actually what LO is sleeping in right now until we can get the crib set up. We were having her sleep in our room in a sidecar cosleeper but we just transitioned her to her room this week because she's so noisy! I wouldn't bother with the attachments and all that - we have just the plain pack and play and it works great. It was only $40. It's just like this one but a different print:

    It folds up for traveling into a very manageable size. I don't want LO to sleep all night in a rock and play because of plagiocephaly, it's not SIDS safe, and I want LO to sleep flat on her back. 
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  • Also by 4 months your baby is pretty big to be sleeping in a rock and play. 
  • Call your hotel. Most have a pack and play or crib available to use or rent and you can add it to your reservation so it is available for your use when you get there. This is especially helpful if you are flying and don't want to check a pack and play. Or you could buy one if you are driving. They're nice to have for traveling or just napping at grandma's, etc. Most basic options will attach the mat from the top for newborns so they are easier to reach and off the ground.
  • I traveled with DD1 at 2 months and DD2 at 2 weeks and will be traveling in May with this one. First call the hotel, most have pack and plays for $15ish extra dollars. I always took my own but the pac and play worked fine.
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  • We would use our Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler rocker. Our LO has acid reflux, and can't be completely flat. 
    In a slightly related note: we recently invested in a portable mobile, and we take it EVERYWHERE. It's got a detachable arm, so we can put it on our pack and play or on our rocker. Even better, when you take off the arm, it's got a velcro strap so you can attach it to your carseat handle, or on the bonnet of your stroller. Totally worth the investment. Even better--it's on sale on Zulily right now. Here's the amazon link, but right now it's about $5 cheaper on Zulily.
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