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Spectra s2 pump

hi all,
i just received my pump in the mail today. The flanges they sent are
not going to fit. Where is the best place to buy accessories? Which bottles do you all use with it? Thanks!
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Re: Spectra s2 pump

  • I used this pump too and mine came w bottles I used to pump. I did find that my advent bottle fit it also.
  • Are they too small? I think mine are too small and I was going to get larger ones from the online place that I got my pump. Where did you get yours? You could call them and ask. I think Spectra lists links on their website too.

    My advent bottles fit. Any brand you try, it would definitely have to be the wide neck ones. 
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  • Amazon has them. No matter where you buy them you have to buy a whole set of pieces, you can't buy just the flanges


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