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heartbeat on ultrasound

Did some searching but came up empty. Please share when you first saw the heartbeat. Have an U/S at 6w5d and wondering if I should push it back. Would hate to not see anything.
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Re: heartbeat on ultrasound

  • I had my first US at 6+2. We saw a hb with a rate of 121 bpm but we were not given the option to hear it. 

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  • I also had my first ultrasound at 6weeks and 2 days and we heard and saw the heartbeat!
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  • First apt at 8 and some days. Saw heartbeat, heard it around 10 weeks. Don't push it back because you want to hear/see it, you'll do both soon enough, then you'll hear it at every appointment after that.

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  • With this pregnancy, we saw the heartbeat at 6+2 (122 bpm).  With my last pregnancy, we saw one even earlier (I think 5+6) but it can really depend on you, the tech and the equipment.  I wouldn't reschedule if I were you, though.
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  • Had my first ultrasound at 7w4d, baby measured 6w5d (which was more accurate to when I knew I ovulated anyway). We saw and heard the HB! 
  • Had my appt at 6w4days and we saw a HB flickering in the screen but didn't get to hear it. It had to be a vaginal US to see anything so hopefully they'll do the same for you!
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  • I had a viability scan at 7w. Saw the heartbeat but didn't hear it. 

  • KKamm917 said:
    Did some searching but came up empty. Please share when you first saw the heartbeat. Have an U/S at 6w5d and wondering if I should push it back. Would hate to not see anything.
    You should be able to see the flicker of the heartbeat at that time and the gestational sac.
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    We had an appointment at 6w0d and saw the heartbeat and heard it at 120bpm. It could be a bit early and could range from 90 to 130 at that time. It could also not have started beating yet and just start a day or two (or more) later. Not all babies are the same!
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  • I was 6 weeks 4 days when we saw and heard the heartbeat. You should def be able to see something at that point unless your timing is a little off. I through I was further along at my first appointment but was only 5 weeks something and all we could see was the sac. 

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  • I had my first US at 6w2d and we were able to both see and hear the heartbeat.  126 beats per min! 

    I think that at that time you should be able to hear it or at least see it. but like previous people have said, if your timing is off, you O'd later than you think, then that might delay it.... 

    Good luck to you!! 
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  • At 6 weeks we could see the heartbeat, at 7 weeks we could hear it :) 
  • thanks ladies! I'll leave the ultrasound as is. Didn't want to wait any longer anyway!
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    3/6/16 BFP 
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  • We heard both heartbeats at 8 weeks, I'm also high risk so doc said to use an at home Doppler in between visits which we have been getting consistent readings on since we left appt at 8 weeks..... but u/s at 10 weeks was disappointing as we couldn't see the heartbeat, nurse said there's only one when OB said two initially, and the nurse couldn't really get a good sound of it either (tho I really think it was her because she's not a cert sonographer). 
  • I measured at 5w5d at my u/s this morning and the doc could see a faint flicker of a heart beat. Definitely couldn't hear it though.
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  • I went in at around 7-8 weeks. We could see the heartbeat, but didn't get to hear it. Didn't know how far along I was at the time...Since then, I've heard the heartbeat twice at my doctor. I cried the first time I heard it. Haha. I'm going for my 13 week sonogram in a week and a bit. Excited to see how baby is developing!
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