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Hey everyone!
I delivered my baby boy on the 19th at 12:34 am and had the nexplanon inserted the next day. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with nexplanon, will it cause me to bleed longer, will I have a period? I have read that it can also cause change in mood and sex drive, just curious how it has affected other women. Any input is helpful! 

Re: Nexplanon

  • I had the Nexplanon a year before getting pregnant. I bled until they took it out. It was hell. They actually tried to cancel and move my removal appointment and I was hysterical. I liked how I felt on it hormone wise, but 4 months of bleeding wore on me. My doctor that removed it was a different Doctor than put it and thought mine was incorrectly inserted. 

    BUT, my best friend has had hers for 2 years now and LOVES it. She doesn't get periods, likes it hormone wise, and hasn't had an issue. I've heard most people either love it or hate it. It's all dependent on how your body reacts to it.

    i definitely hope your experience is like hers and not mine!  
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  • Hey. Lurking from October 2016. I had the nexaplon for 5 years. Changed out at 3 years of course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had no symptoms whatsoever. I had a cycle maybe twice a year. 

    However, my sister has had it for about 2 years and absolutely hates it. She has constant pregnancy symptoms. But no cycle 
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