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9 Month Old Refusing to Nap!

Over the last few days, my DD has been refusing to nap! She usually naps about an hour in the morning, then about 1.5 hours in the afternoon. Today, she refused her morning nap (I tried for about an hour and then gave up), finally went down around noon, and was up at 12:45. I tried to put her down for a second nap at 3:30, because I noticed her tired signs and wanted to get her down right away. Same thing, just screamed until I brought her out. I know she's exhausted. Why is this happening, and how long will it last?! We are both miserable!

Re: 9 Month Old Refusing to Nap!

  • Keep in mind that everything with babies is a phase. Sleep goes up and down and you'll go through crappy periods. No one can tell you when this will end BUT as long as you are watching for tired cues and putting LO down when she is tired, that's ALL you can do. Literally. If she's been fed, has a dry diaper and is clearly tired then just leave her. She'll fall asleep OR you give up and try again later. I know it's frustrating but it will pass.
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  • Thank you guys! I'm just going to try to keep things as normal as possible and ride it out. 
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    We are in the same boat with our 9 month old. She's been refusing her second nap, waking after an hour or two at night and waking for a an hour or two in the early morning before going back to sleep. I'm exhausted!
  • Our 10 month old started doing this too. She screamed when I put her down for her morning nap but would go down like a dream for her afternoon nap and at night. Our Dr. told us at our last appt. she would start possibly only needing one longer nap. We've moved her bed time up a little (just a half hour or so) and put her down earlier for her afternoon nap. I haven't been putting her down for a morning nap and now we have no issues. She's happier in the mornings and is ready for her afternoon nap which was 45 minutes but is now 2-3 hours. 

    Of course if shes showing tired cues then this might not be the solution. Just letting you know what has worked for us. Our DD has always been good about going down for naps before so that was a good cue for us she didn't want her morning nap anymore. 
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    The same thing happened to me when my baby was 9 mos! I got great advice to bear with it and not change a thing and thank GOD she got back on track. It only took about a week (felt like forever) and then she got a cold and then....she started napping for 4 hours a day! (I mean for weeks after the cold, not just during the cold.)And sleeping all night! Heavenly! Now she's starting to do shorter naps again. It keeps changing. You be consistent and let her get back on track. In my case we had a couple of days where we were off our schedule and that's what I think was the cause. Sometimes I have no idea what the cause is. Teething? My go-to is to blame teething. 

    I know the stress of the nap schedule being off. I was also told by an expert (Baby411 Dr. Ari Brown, I asked her!) that it's too soon to go to one nap which is what I was considering at the time. I'm glad I listened because as I said, things improved! A lot!

    I put her down at 10 and 2 and if she skipped AM nap (extremely rare) I would still put her down at 2. 
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