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Reducing hiccups

LO has been having awful runs of hiccups since birth. He also had them im the womb. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? I feel so bad for him. Not sure if using Dr. Brown bottles would help. I've also read gripe water might help.

Re: Reducing hiccups

  • I'm just not a fan of dr Browns we used them the first two months. It was important then. But as digestion has improved I'm switching. I was hand washing, using the little brush. Replaced the bottle brush monthly even though it looked fine. But there's stuff growing in our bottles. There are too many crevasses on dr Browns!

    Hiccups are normal. Talk to the dr before making a change.
  • Ewww, yeah that doesn't sound pleasant. I was using Avent natural bottles originally but the flow was too fast. So a friend gave me her bottles, Medela w/Dr. Brown #1 nipple. They improved the spitting up but with that came the hiccups. I'm thinking because the nipple was collapsing so he was getting air in. Today I finally ventured out of the house and bought the premie/newborn flow nipple for the Avent natural. So I'm hoping that will work.
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  • Hiccups are normal. My daughter got them all the time. I never change bottle brands or sizes. I just made sure to gently burp her after every two ounces. 
  • My LO gets them daily. We were using little remedies colic drops and I noticed they really help. When he gets them I give him a tiny dose and they go away almost immediately. I've heard people say the same using gripe water. We've changed bottles several times due to reflux issues but never noticed a difference in hiccups.
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  • We burp after every ounce still n
  • My first had them almost everyday and my pediatrician said not worry, he also had them everyday during my last trimester. Then he eventually started to get them less and less, now he's 5 and rarely gets them. They seemed to both me more then they bothered him, Time will fly by and before you know it he won't have them very often. But you can always ask your pediatrician if you're too worried.
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