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17 month old still not wearing shoes

My son is almost 17 months and for some reason I find it impossible to put shoes on his feet. Every time I try, even with a flexible sole and velcro straps, he curls his toes so I can't get them in the shoe. I feel like this is probably a silly question but am I missing something? Has anyone else had this hard of a time? 

Re: 17 month old still not wearing shoes

  • You might just have to force it on! He'll never get used to it if you don't. My daughter hates wearing shoes but now she at least lets me put them on.
  • Have you tried crib shoes? They are like slippers and easier to get on. 
  • It took awhile for my daughter to get used to them. Sandals were the first thing she would wear. It also helped to get an accurate sizing of her feet at the shoe store. We found she had wide feet and once we started buying wide shoes, it made getting the shoes on easier. Though she'll still curls her toes from time to time.
  • My chiropractor (and my son's chiropractor) says that children under four should not wear shoes unless it's to protect their feet while they're playing outside or walking around in public places. I don't know all of the science behind it, but basically, it hinders the natural movement and flex of their feet, which can cause problems and even delay development. I'm sure people will have their doubts about this, but my Chiropractor is insanely smart, and his knowledge of the human body is incredibly extensive. When I broke my wrist, I just showed him the motion I was doing when I broke it, and he instantly knew just exactly where my neck would be out of place from that forceful motion. He was totally right too! He's totally awesome, and always well informed! Besides, scientific or not, it made me feel better to have a valid reason from a professional to pair with my son's hatred of shoes lol. 
  • Thanks for the tips! I think he probably does have wide feet so that may be working against me. I only try putting shoes on him when we go somewhere because I have also heard about shoes preventing natural growth. But if he could walk outside every now and then it would be nice. Especially since I am pregnant and probably won't be able to carry him around all the time after a few months. I'll see if I can find wider shoes with a more flexible sole and hope he lets me put them on.
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